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Debutots franchisee Jennifer Mushumani has been sharing how starting her own branch of the franchise helped her get her career back on track.

For many parents, it can be difficult to adjust back into working life now that children have entered the picture. Family activity app, Hoop, found that many parents felt pushed out of their old workplace after having kids, due to factors including inflexibility of their workplace, feeling as though their role had been taken over while they were on maternity or paternity leave, and finding it tough to fit childcare around their working hours.

So, many ambitious mums and dad, including former actress Jennifer Mushumani, are turning to self-employment as a better alternative to traditional workplaces. Although there can be many challenges associated with starting your own business, including financial struggles as you adjust from a regular pay packet to working for yourself, many of these can be eased by becoming a franchisee. Mushumani explained why she thinks that becoming a franchisee of childrens franchise Debutots was the right choice for her career and family.

This job was the perfect choice for me, as it combined my expertise in drama, a love of working with children, plus also my administration and organisational skills. Id often thought about running my own business, and Im so glad that I had the courage to take the plunge. I also love the flexibility. I now have more control over my working hours and can be there for my children whilst they are growing up without giving up on my own passions and dreams.

Debutots offers storytelling and dramatic play classes for kids from the tender age of 6 months right up to 7 years. It support and supplements the national curriculum and helps children develop vital cognitive and communication skills, as well as the confidence to be themselves as they grow up.

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