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Creams has placed a stake in the new Bourne Place leisure quarter in Sittingbourne.

Creams has continued its expansion across the UK with the announcement that it will be joining the Lounge chain in a new urban development project in Sittingbourne.

With a 63-bed Travelodge hotel and eight-screen Light Cinema due to be included in the new complex, this is a shrewd investment from Creams that demonstrates its eye for good business opportunities.

Creams hope that families will visit the new parlour to enjoy some delicious ice cream on the way back from seeing a film or when visiting the other retail outlets that are planned for Bourne Place.

The ice cream franchise, which serves up an extravagant selection of decadent desserts, is looking for new franchisees to boost its nationwide expansion programme.

Creams serves a unique menu, including refreshing gelato flavours and a range of flamboyant bubble waffles. Its distinctive flavour has developed a cult following amongst young people, who love to go to Creams with family and friends for their sweet fix.

As a Creams franchisee, you can cater to this growing audience by delivering the taste of 1950s America. Since 2008, the founders of Creams Adam Marni and Balal Aqil have proved that this is a brand that really resonates with the demands of the desserts market.

If you are interested in opening your own Creams outlet, franchise fees stand at just £14,950. In return, you will have the opportunity to take part in an intensive 21-day training course that will cover all aspects of your business, as well as refresher sessions that will keep you on track for success.

If youre interested in starting up your own ice cream parlour with the backing of a trend-setting brand, you can find out more information here on Point Franchise.

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