Countrywide Signs Ranked in the Top 100 UK Franchises 2020, by FranchiseDirect

Countrywide Signs franchise
Countrywide Signs THE Property Signage Franchise

Countrywide Signs is a franchisor with over 20 years of impressive expertise in the property signage business, and its nationwide network is not yet at full capacity…

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Countrywide Signs was established in 1998 by a group of highly successful franchisees, led by Tony Williams QFP, who remains the managing director today.

From the outset, the goal was to create a transparent and ethical business structure where everyone benefits: estate agents, the property seller/buyer/landlord/tenant, franchisees, and the national network as a whole.

The directors invested in cutting-edge technology, systemised the business to the highest level and quickly became the market leaders, a position they continue to hold today. No other company has more operators on the roads servicing agents than they do.

By instilling a culture based on exceptional service and a ‘nothing is too much’ approach, Tony and his team have more than achieved those original aims. They know they are only as good as their last job, and they’re passionate about supporting franchisees who are the cornerstone behind the company’s position in the industry.

By working closely with their franchisees and clients, and continually investing in improving their systems and local service, they are committed to providing the best value for money sign board management service on the market- now and in the future.


FranchiseDirect’s Top 100 Franchises in the UK is a research-only based ranking. It uses a methodology that goes beyond system size and financial performance, by taking a host of criteria, with a weighted value. The data is plugged into a proprietary computer formula making the outcome as objective as possible.

What makes the Top 100 stand out?
The brands that comprise the Top 100 Franchises stand out from hundreds of franchises with a presence in the UK. The franchises were ranked using objective and measurable criteria, which includes:

  • System size based on numbers of units in the UK and abroad
  • Revenue for the system
  • Stability and growth
  • Number of years in operation
  • Market expansion

The ranking is also based on:

  • Financial assistance to franchisees (direct or third-party)
  • Social responsibility through community sponsorship or fundraising
  • Environmental policy
  • Awards and recognition

(Information was gathered from company submitted data, web resources and published industry sources.)

The franchises that comprise the FranchiseDirect Top 100 Franchises in the UK stand out from hundreds of franchises that are currently trading in the UK.

All of the Top 100 Franchises share the keys to business success at any level including: a well-defined business identity, a clear business plan, a commitment to training and support, sensitivity to environmental issues, and the ability to innovate to keep pace with ever-changing social and economic conditions.

Furthermore, many of them do all of these things in more than one country by acquiring the necessary cultural sensitivities. The Top 100 Franchises thus serve as models for early-stage UK franchises looking to expand, as well as those companies considering the benefits of the franchise business model.

Using a methodology that goes beyond system size and financial performance, the Top 100 ranking is compiled by taking into account a host of criteria, giving each criterion a weighted value.

The data collected for each franchise is plugged into a proprietary computer formula, making the outcome as objective as possible.

The information is gathered from company submitted data, web resources and published industry sources.

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