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Concept Building Solutions Insurance Claims Management & Building Repair

Concept Building Solutions is a claims management company, specialising in insurance claims and reinstatement property repairs.

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At the start of June, the franchise encouraged customers to get in touch with any property insurance claim handling issues.

Handing a property insurance claim can be a stressful and confusing process for anyone, but with the support of Concept Building Solutions, the tough stuff is made easy. According to the insurance franchise, “We want to ensure that we take as much hassle and worry away from the customer as possible when it comes to their property insurance claim. We know that when unexpected damage happens to your property, it can cause a lot of stress to you.”

Founded almost 20 years ago, in 2002, Concept Building Solutions is a claims management company specialising in insurance claims and reinstatement property repairs. The franchise’s intention is always to secure justice for the homeowner, and the company is, “[Dedicated to looking after] policyholders in their time of need through exemplary customer service and high-quality workmanship”.

To become a Concept Building Solutions franchisee, you’ll need to make a minimum investment of £7,000, with total investment costs of £32,995. After two years, your expected revenue as a franchisee is £91,530. 

In return for your investment with the franchise, you’ll receive a two week training programme, a six week follow-on support package, and six months of mentor support. You’ll have access to ongoing advice, guidance and support across Concept Building Solutions’ entire franchise network, and the company will make a 50% contribution towards the subscription fees of your local business networking group.

No prior industry experience is required to become a Concept Building Solutions franchisee, though the ideal franchisee would be passionate about helping others, likeable, and trustworthy. The ideal franchisee would be hard-working, professional and focused, but would still understand the importance of a work/life balance. Most of all, the ideal franchisee would be someone with a strong desire to succeed, and the ability to follow a proven business model in order to get there.

To find out more about Concept Building Solutions, visit its profile page, linked above.

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