Concept Building Solutions franchisee Simon Reid praises the variety of his role

Concept Building Solutions franchise
Concept Building Solutions Insurance Claims Management & Building Repair

Concept Building Solutions is a claims management company, specialising in insurance claims and reinstatement property repairs.

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Simon, owner of Concept Building Solutions Derby, shared his ongoing appreciation for a business that’s full of opportunities to help people in need.

Simon first invested in the insurance franchise in May 2018, after years working in the coal mining industry. He gained his leadership experience into a totally different field and thrived in his new environment. To this day, Simon values the day-to-day routine of his role as a franchisee. Every job is different and every customer wants something different, meaning  Simon is faced with a new opportunity to learn and grow almost every day.

“Whether it’s assessing the damage, scoping the work, dealing with contractors or negotiating with insurers - the one thing it’s not is boring,” said Simon. 

He also expressed appreciation for the ways in which his role has allowed him to help others, going so far as to say, “If you want to make a real difference to people in their time of need then a Concept franchise should be of interest to you.”

Concept Buildings Solutions has been trading for over 12 years. The claims management company acts as a buffer between the insurance company and the policyholder, smoothly resolving disputes as they arise, and making choices with the best interest of the policyholder in mind. The UK-wide franchise has over 60 franchisees, and covers a wide variety of areas.

If a possible investment in Concept Building Solutions appeals to you, you’ll probably be pleased to find out the on-boarding process for new franchisees is simple but comprehensive. You’ll spend a week in the classroom and a week onsite, and in that time, you’ll gain all the tools for success.

Simon still feels, even after three years in business, that the advice of his franchisor is there when he needs it. He thoroughly enjoys his work. When asked what gets Simon out of bed in the morning, he answered, “Being your own boss, making a difference in people’s lives, different projects and support when you need it.”

Discover more about the investment process on Concept Building Solutions’ profile page, linked above.

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