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Coffee Blue is the UK’s leading mobile coffee van franchise, providing barista-quality hot drinks and food to workplaces, offices, events and festivals across the country.

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Coffee Blue is fighting food waste by joining the revolutionary organisation Too Good To Go.

The coffee van franchise has followed in the footsteps of over 3,370 UK stores and restaurants to reduce waste by signing up to Too Good To Go and selling its leftover stock. This innovative organisation encourages food outlets across the world to distribute any food that would be wasted.

At the end of every day, many companies throw away huge amounts of food, which has a devastating effect on the environment. In fact, more than 10 million tonnes of food worth more than £15 billion is taken to landfill every day – that’s the equivalent of 190 Titanics. This huge amount constitutes a third of all food produced, and eight percent of the greenhouse gases released on a global scale. But Too Good To Go is working to change this.

The Too Good To Go app tops the charts for combatting food waste. Customers use it to browse nearby restaurants and stores advertising leftover food, choose their favourite one and buy a portion for between £2 and £4. Then, it’s down to them to collect it within a specified time period. The exciting part is, customers don’t know exactly what they’ll get until they pick it up in person – but it’s always delicious, high-quality food that’s ‘too good to go’.

This initiative has proven incredibly successful already, with over 2.6 million ‘waste warriors’ eager to get their hands on discounted food on its way to the bin. Across the world, more than 32.7 million meals have been saved, preventing 81,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere since Too Good To Go was launched in 2016.

It’s not yet clear what food and drink Coffee Blue will be selling on the Too Good To Go app. But as its usual selection includes barista-quality hot drinks and tasty snacks, customers looking to help the environment should expect to save some indulgent treats from ending up in landfill.

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