Chop & Wok Wins The Healthy Choice Award

Chop And Wok franchise
Chop And Wok Noodle and Rice bar - Your favourite Chinese, Indian and Pan-Asian takeaway dishes

Chop and Wok is a pan-Asian wok-based takeaway and restaurant set in a modern and conceptual environment

The popular Pan-Asian takeaway and restaurant stand by their customer’s health with a menu created for the fittest. With a contemporary fusion concept menu, Chop & Wok dishes are deliciously nutritious and well-balanced. The judges behind Birmingham City Council’s Healthy Choices Awards lauded Chop & Wok for their efforts to strike against obesity.

Chop & Wok’s Suffolk Street, Queensway venue manager, Andy Dulay said: “The idea to include the healthy options came from our customers. We aim to please and to give them what they want, so we began looking at how we could include dishes specifically for those looking for a healthy choice.”

Since opening its door on Suffolk Street in 2009, Chop & Wok has outlets across Birmingham and has perfected its dishes made with the best quality ingredients, healthy super foods such as gluten free, cholesterol free and fat free buckwheat noodles. Chop & Wok chefs have added their authentic cooking methods and traditional pan-Asian flavours to the bouquet of healthy and fresh ingredients. Chop & Wok venues now offer ‘no oil’ steam cooked wok boxes garnished with funky salads and wraps and coming soon, they will expand the range with calorie and protein counts for each dish. Chop & Wok’s stir fry with NO OIL is a hearty concoction of healthy ingredients and traditional flavours. “This skinny stir fry wok box is proof that a deliciously cooked meal needs NO OIL! If you need those carbs but you want to cut out the unnecessary, excess fat - go oil free with this delectable option!

“All of our new Health & Fitness Options are great if you are particularly health conscious and want a diet to suit your fitness routine but if you’re not such a health fanatic – they’re bloody delicious regardless!”


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