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CAVAVIN is getting ready to meet its expert spirit suppliers in an exciting event held on the Seine.

CAVAVINís franchisees and spirit suppliers are in for an exciting event, as the wine franchise takes to the river Seine to discuss all things spirit.

Its annual spirit congress, which is an event dedicated to showcasing the new trends within the world of alcoholic spirits, is a popular one, as it allows all of CAVAVINís franchisees to select exciting new stock for their customers. 2019ís event will take place at the start of March, allowing each franchise partner to get a look at the trends for the year ahead and plan on how to stay ahead of the competition by purchasing the best stock early on in the year.

Franchisees, head office staff and suppliers will gather on a traditional Parisian boat, which will be moored near the Eiffel Tower to allow everyone to enjoy a glimpse of the world-famous landmark. Everyone will get a chance to taste some of the wide range of spirits on offer, which include richly flavoured whiskies, warming brandies and exciting flavour variations on traditional spirits like vodka and gin.

Franchisees will also get the chance to talk business with each other; a rare opportunity for them as much of their time is spent getting hands on with their stores. By trading tips, cautionary tales and highlights from their time as CAVAVIN franchisees, each will be able to give their peers a little bit of their experience and help each other to make their businesses the best they can possibly be.

The day after the spirit congress, each franchisee will attend an experience that centres around spirits. This yearís event is said to be an Ďaromatic experience around typical spiritsí and will equip each attendee with even more knowledge about the wonderful world of wines and spirits.

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