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Caremark is on a mission to make all of its staff proud of the fantastic work they do.

Caremark, one of the nation’s top home care franchises, has launched an initiative to make sure all of its staff feel proud of what they do. It’s aiming to change the company’s internal culture, so that everyone feels a sense of belonging, pride and teamwork whatever their role is, to ensure that staff genuinely enjoy their working lives.

It’s hoped that the campaign will boost new recruits and help to retain their dedicated workforce for as long as possible. Caremark believes that in order for its care workers to ‘feel valued, supported and have a real sense of job satisfaction’, they must feel as though they’re part of one big ‘Caremark family’.

Mary Wardell, PR & marketing team leader, explained why the care franchise has decided to launch this initiative.

“It is well known that a company’s culture can make the difference in driving staff recruitment, satisfaction and loyalty. Keeping staff feeling valued, enthusiastic and proud of the brand they represent sits at the heart of a company’s culture. So we feel it is vital that our brand values and messages are understood and embraced by each and every one of us, from our chief executive right through our organisation and most importantly to our amazing care workers – all 4,500 plus of them, wherever they are in our UK network.”

She added that by making staff feel part of the company they’re more likely to have long careers with the brand and that “a greater sense of loyalty and team collaboration will be built” among people who are happy to be there.

To kick off the campaign, every member of staff was given a ‘Culture Book’ that explains Caremark’s story from the very beginning to the present day.

Care workers, like Sarah Goodman from Osmund Court’s Caremark, have said that the campaign is already having a positive effect on them.

Sarah said, “when I realised I was part of a huge group of people, I liked the idea. I think the Culture Book is great! It’s really interesting and full of facts which I didn’t know. I really like the idea of us being one large family, all working hard together as a team. It’s amazing to think there are so many of us out there all doing the same thing.”

Colleague Fay Callaghan added: “I like the idea of being part of a large Caremark family; we treat each other like family here at Osmund Court, so I think this is the right way to go! I think unity is really important for us all to feel connected.”

In 2005, CEO Kevin Lewis drew upon his 30 years’ experience in the care industry to set up what is now one of the industry’s leading home care franchises.

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