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One of Caremark’s clients has shared how much its services mean to her and make her fight with dementia easier.

The home care franchise has demonstrated just how valuable its services can be, as it’s shared the story of how carer Debbie has transformed the life of vulnerable client Doreen.

Doreen Daley, from Bromley, London, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s following the death of her husband. Unfortunately, she had no siblings or children who could help her with daily tasks and found that suddenly being alone made her feel very anxious.

However, since live-in carer Debbie arrived on the scene, Doreen’s life has taken a turn for the better. Debbie, from the care franchise Caremark, now lives with Doreen for up to three weeks at a time and helps her with everything from medication to washing. The pair spend their days visiting shops, feeding ducks and indulging in Doreen’s love of knitting and Doreen says that she “couldn’t exist” without Debbie’s help.

Doreen’s Alzheimer’s makes her vulnerable and forgetful, but Debbie explained that she loves working with her.

"Doreen is a lovely lady who I adore with all my heart. Her Alzheimer’s means that sometimes she forgets things, but I keep her mind active by continuously interacting with her on topics she is passionate about, such as knitting and animals."

Debbie explained that although her work is tough, it’s worth the effort.

"Being a live-in care and support worker means I can assist Doreen in any way she needs me, 24 hours a day. It can be challenging sometimes, but the sense of satisfaction I get from knowing I have made a difference in her life is enormous."

Sharon Dhillon, Managing Director of the Caremark Bromley franchise, added:

“Care and support workers like Debbie are the lifeblood of their local communities. They are treasured by their clients."

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