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Are You Concerned About Your Career When Furlough Ends?

As the end of furlough fast approaches, unfortunately there will be businesses facing closure and employees the threat of redundancy. Many will be left to contemplate the uncertainty of their future career choices. Could franchising be the solution as your next step?

At the beginning of the month the government dropped its furlough contribution by a further 10%, leaving many business owners unfortunately needing to consider whether they can still furlough staff. The allowance will continue to drop by a further 10% to 60% in August and September; followed by the scheme ending altogether on 30th September. For those who fear for the ending of furlough, now is the time to be seeking advice and investigating new opportunities to adapt.

The pandemic saw many industries adjusting their core business responsibilities during the various lockdowns. Lockdown one saw manufacturers jumping to the aid of the medical profession in the provision of PPE and ventilators. Restaurants and public houses providing take away services;  Supermarkets upping recruitment to meet demand of their online services and, not forgetting, those needing to diversify, by becoming delivery drivers for the growing online delivery sector, in general. We’ve proved as a nation that we can, in fact, adapt to our surroundings much better than many would have predicted.

Franchising is a concept and a proven business model to act as the perfect conduit between redundancy and a new career path.

If you are one of the unlucky ones facing the unknown and feeling lost as to where your skill-set now fits, opting for a business opportunity as a franchisee might be a worthy consideration.

Franchising After Redundancy

What’s important to know about Countrywide Signs as an option after redundancy?

  • As a franchisee for a business such as Countrywide Signs you require no previous industry experience.
  • The criteria that you need to meet will be more about your mind-set, entrepreneurialism, and overall business acumen to run your own business.
  • You need to be ideally practically minded for the day-to-day activity of erecting property signage.
  • As we require no set academic qualifications, you receive all the training you will need as part of our well-tailored training programme.
  • The only qualification you will require is a driving licence. A Countrywide Signs franchise is van-based meaning no expensive premises overheads.
  • Plus, as part of your journey as a franchisee, you’ll also receive ongoing support through our continuous improvement initiatives in business development and marketing.
  • Our marketplace remains stable. Even during the pandemic, the property sector has continued to boom. The knock-on effect means we have been very lucky and continue to thrive.
  • Most importantly, if you’ve been facing redundancy, the fear factor of being alone in business could seem scary. However, there is strength in numbers which is something a franchise business has in abundance.

Have we sparked your interest?

To find out how to become a Countrywide Signs franchisee, please complete the form above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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