Cafe2U enjoys the last few weeks of summer, sharing tasty iced coffee recipes

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In a recent blog post, the mobile coffee chain revealed its four favourite mouth-watering iced coffee concoctions to its audience.

Cafe2U regularly shares recipes and tips with its customers, and this summer, the unique and thriving coffee van franchise is all about iced coffees (and delivering simple, tasty ways to make them). According to Cafe2U, “Iced coffee’s popularity has grown steadily in recent years and the drink is now a summertime staple throughout the UK. It’s also easy to make and tailor to your own tastes.”

The first recipe that the franchise offered was a basic iced coffee, “poured hot over ice or served already chilled”. Cafe2U recommended that if customers are planning to serve chilled, they should make a cup of strong black coffee, let it get totally cold, and then blend it up in a blender with “a quarter cup of a cup of milk, two handfuls of ice and syrup - if using”.

Next up, Cafe2U suggested coffee lemonade. The recipe is as follows: Combine cold black coffee with a half-cup of OJ, a third of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a half-cup of honey. Then, add two handfuls of ice cubes and blend, adding yet more ice when you serve the drink.

Thirdly, Cafe2U explained the recipe for a concoction that the franchise has named “the sweet treat”. Apparently, “When the first ingredient is ice cream, you know you’re onto a winner!” To make the sweet treat, cover a scoop of ice cream with cold black coffee, add another scoop, and “finish with a dash of sparkling water to make the whole thing fizz”.

Fourth and finally, the coffee chain introduced its customers to peanut butter iced coffee. It’s the perfect summery drink, in the eyes of the franchise, because “this rich, creamy recipe will quench your thirst and cool you down in no time”. Combine peanut butter, Nutella and cream in a saucepan and heat gently, whisking constantly. Leave this mixture to cool in the fridge, then blend it up with black coffee and ice.

If you’d like to find out more about the coffee van franchise Cafe2U (and its network of delicious recipe extraordinaires), you can visit its profile page, which is linked above.

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