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Business Doctors has collaborated with early stage investor firm Northstar Ventures to benefit businesses in the north-east.

The two companies have created a new scheme, which theyve called The Breakthrough Growth Masterclass. This is aimed at start-up businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises in north-east England, and was launched with the intention of helping them secure sustainable growth.

The scheme was tested to make sure it provides the best possible experience, and invited a number of local business owners to review their business operations. During a day-long workshop session and a one-to-one meeting with a Business Doctors representative, these business owners had the chance to identify issues that were negatively affecting their company and discuss ways to improve them.

Graham Robson, Regional Director of Business Doctors North-East, highlighted the similar values held by both companies and explained how this will benefit local enterprises:

Our new partnership with Northstar on this initiative is really exciting. Like Northstar, we love to work with businesses and entrepreneurs to help and support their ambitions to maximise growth potential and value.

As a consultant-free zone our business advisors have the wealth of experience needed to help transform entrepreneurial-led businesses into significant enterprises, and we cant wait to get on the pitch with this project.

Northstar Ventures were keen to have the opportunity to work with the business coaching franchise, Business doctors. Jane Reynolds, Northstar Ventures Business Development Manager, said:

As a leading early stage investor, at Northstar we support businesses and entrepreneurs in many different ways. We were delighted to work with the Business Doctors to develop this offer, the combination of a very comprehensive, practical group workshop followed by the focused session gives the chance for business to share knowledge and experience with their peers as well as experts.

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