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At a series of speaker events, consultancy franchise Business Doctors will be teaching companies about how to deal with the challenges of Brexit.

With the turbulence that has come from Britain’s delayed exit from the EU, many SMEs are feeling stranded. To deal with the problem, B2B franchise Business Doctors Cumbria is showing these companies how to forge a business plan that doesn’t leave them lost at sea.

The seminars, which will be held on Friday, 29th March at Carlisle College and Wednesday, 17th April at Roundthorn Country House in Penrith, will instruct companies to focus on elements of their business that they can actually control.

One of these is staff management. Speakers from Business Doctors Cumbria - alongside representatives from legal and accountancy firms - will show SMEs how they can help employees to work with their businesses, rather than for them. Seminars will explore the tools and methods that can be used to develop employees into company ambassadors.

Peter Fleming, the franchise owner of Business Doctors Cumbria and North Lancashire, said: “We feel that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is leading many businesses to sit tight as they wait to see how things develop.”

Peter has over 30 years’ experience working for two global UK-based corporations. In response to Brexit, he is keen to show businesses that “there are many aspects of their operation they could be dealing with now; aspects they can control and move forward whatever happens with the UK’s exit from the EU”.

Building on the plan for the sessions, Peter revealed that they will be focused on three keys areas: communication, process and team. He added: “there are so many positive ways business owners can act in these areas and that’s where the focus of the sessions will lie. We’re asking business leaders to de-Brexit themselves and focus on the here and now.”

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