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Kumon holds its second annual Kumon Student Conference for the highest achievers.

Kumon has held its second annual Student Conference for its most outstanding students in the US, Mexico and Canada. Out of the thousands of students that the supplementary education provider tutors, just 56 were invited to a special conference in Calgary.

Kumon celebrated its highest achieving students, all of whom are studying at least three years above their grade level in either maths or English, by selecting a few to attend the conference. However, it was a difficult decision as the education franchise has thousands of students who excel and are much more advanced for their age than their peers. Those who were chosen had really shone throughout the year during their Kumon learning sessions.

At the conference attendees had the opportunity to participate in activities that built skills such as team building, group discussion, critical thinking and creativity. Former Kumon students who have gone on to become successful professionals also spoke about their experiences, inspiring the young students that their future could be just as bright if they continue to work hard.

Sung Park, Kumons North American Vice President of material development and instruction, explained why Kumon is so beneficial for young learners.

"The beauty of Kumon is that it's a learning program based on ability rather than age or grade, which allows our students the opportunity to study above their school grade level. With this conference, we are able to celebrate our students' accomplishments and inspire them to continue developing their skills through program completion and to aspire to become individuals who tackle some of the world's challenges."

Founded in 1958, Kumon has almost 25,000 learning centres across 50 countries worldwide. It delivers its after-school maths and reading enrichment programmes through expert tutors, to unlock childrens potential and give them the ability to achieve on their own.

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