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10/11/2017 07:00 | Retail & Stores

Boots Opticians receive the Third Sector Charity Business Awards with their winning programme Zoe’s Community Challenge - created to underscore the crucial link between literacy and good eye health. With an estimated 1.5 million children with undiagnosed eye conditions in the UK, Zoe Community Challenge programme aims to help affected children to read and write, locating children whose literacy skills are caused by eyesight troubles, promoting the joys of reading and the importance of regular eye checks.

Having won the prize under the Charity Partnership in the health, beauty and pharmaceuticals category, Boots Opticians endeavours to the ongoing pursuit of the programme’s commitment to good eye health and literacy. Boots Opticians go to local primary schools with free vision screening kits and engages with local groups and organises events to promote good eye health and its free Vision Screening programme.

Boots Opticians Vision Screening Programme is quick and easy. The vision screening is delivered through a web based system along with materials provided in a support package. Once the vision screen is completed online, an email is sent with practical advice for parents and carers along with recommendations or Optometrist referrals.

Boots Opticians has reached 19,000 children across the UK with 4,700 taking part in the Vision Screening programme. A Zoe’s Community Challenge spokesperson said: “We are so excited to win a Third Sector Charity Business award for our partnership with Boots Opticians. Zoe’s Community Challenge has helped us to reach more disadvantaged communities, while encouraging children and families to read for pleasure. We’ve been astounded by Boots Opticians colleagues’ passion and we are looking forward to continuing our work together to transform the lives of more children in the UK.”

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