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Bodystreet offers an opportunity for those with little or no time to get fit and stay fit. Our proven once-a-week 20-minute workout programme helps burn fat, build muscle, tone and shape. It even helps reduce backache and improve posture.

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Fitness franchise Bodysteet has launched online training to keep members active during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bodystreet is the most successful boutique fitness studio that features EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training across the globe. Like everyone else, Bodystreet was shocked by the rapid spread of COVID-19. Taking government guidelines into consideration, it made the decision to close all fitness studios.

As a business that offers unique personal training, this meant that franchisees couldn’t provide workouts anymore, which is bad news for both them and their clients. So, the Bodystreet franchisor decided to get creative. Just days later, Franchise Support in Germany and the UK had scripted, filmed, dubbed and delivered a series of workouts. Franchisees can now use them to provide their personal training service to clients via online platforms.


With us being told to stay at home and only permitted to leave for one form of exercise a day alone or with members of our household, being able to work out successfully at home has never being more important for fitness fanatics.

The feedback from Bodystreet clients has been fantastic. As well as enjoying getting their heart pumping during the workout, they also enjoyed speaking with their trainers and interacting with other clients that were training with them online.

The current situation can make us feel lonely and disconnected. But being able get fit as we normally would and speak to trainers is great for boosting morale.

Idai Makaya, franchisee at Bodystreet Milton Keynes Station, said:

“The support we have had from our franchisor in reacting to COVID-19 has been great. Support of this type is critical when we face such times as these. I can only imagine the work I would have needed to do to come up with the strategies, scripts, materials and videos on my own. This is the real benefit of being in a franchise.”

You can find out more about the Bodystreet franchise opportunity here.

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