Bagel Cornerís Makeover Is Just The Beginning

Bagel Corner franchise
Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a successful French Bagel restaurant concept.

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04/03/2018 17:00 | Master Franchise

Bagel Cornerís redecoration is the first of many changes the famous bagel franchise business has in store.

To keep up with the exponential growth that comes with a successful bagel franchise business, Bagel Corner is setting in motion big plans for its 22nd store located at 19, rue de la Boťtie, in the trŤs chic Parisian neighbourhood known as ĎLe Carrť DíOrĒ. Bagel Cornerís makeover will include giving the brandís eateries an elegant new look and new offerings. Parisí latest Bagel Corner restaurant is the new showcase of the French No. 2 bagel.

Co-founder of the brand, Grťgory Clťment said: ďThe chain has matured and taken a new course by diversifying its locations into cities, railway stations, airports or highways. This renewal is a reflection of a modern network in its services as in its offer has been expanded, in tune with its time. A new menu will be served in all of its locations, skewing the traditional toasted bagels, a wide range of vegetarian choices with sauces made to order and everything baked on site. Bagel Corner dťcor promises to compound a sense of organic and sleek trendiness with lowered counter spaces for more intimate sitting areas. New and improved food and services will delight Bagel Cornerís discerning customer base. The bagels are made of 8 different varieties of flour and all toppings and desserts individually wrapped to preserve flavour and freshness and coffee beans are roasted on site. Customers will have a Click & Collect option with collection points at the entrance of the eateries. Bagel Cornerís customers will be scrambling to its restaurants to continue to enjoy the food itís famous for, enjoy better service and in sleek elegant setting to match.

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