Auntie Anne’s satisfies cravings at home

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Auntie Anne's We are so much more than just pretzels

Auntie Anne’s is the largest global soft pretzel chain – but we are so much more than just pretzels! The formula for Auntie Anne’s success is simple: product, people and purpose. Our brand purpose is to do good. We deliver smiles. We offer a moment of joy in an otherwise hectic day.

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Auntie Anne’s satisfies cravings at home

Auntie Anne’s is launching DIY pretzel kits so you can get a taste of its iconic treats in your own kitchen.

The new kits are being sold across the USA, as many of the franchise’s locations are unable to trade as malls across the country keep their doors shut. For just $20, die-hard fans of the takeaway franchise’s pretzels will be able to grab a kit to make their own freshly-baked treats at home.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on treats like pretzel dogs just yet, as the kit only lets you make classic soft pretzels. There are two of Auntie Anne’s eight flavours within the kits, cinnamon sugar and original. Even better, you won’t need to risk a trip to the grocery store to make your own pretzels, as all the kits require is fridge staple butter. All you’ll need to do is log on to the franchise’s website to secure your own DIY kit.

It’s not the first time that Auntie Anne’s has sold at-home pretzels kits on its website. A limited release was introduced in April, but it proved so popular that the franchise has decided to restock. It’s not clear how many pretzel kits Auntie Anne’s has in stock, as it only states they’ll be available while supplies last.

If you’re one of the lucky people that does get your hands on a DIY kit, you’ll be able to make ten of its signature soft pretzels. You can get the whole family involved in a bit of baking, or even hold a competition to see who can get the signature pretzel shape just right. And as they’re best when fresh, you could drop the extra off to neighbours, family and friends (from a distance) to brighten their spirits during this lonely time.

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