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Auditel Auditel is a network of approximately 100 franchised procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation consultants.

Auditel franchise partners build long-term client relationships unlocking hidden profit and improving client’s cash flow, with a focus on sustainability.

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Auditel franchisee Stephen Sowerby has been recognized as one of the network’s top performers. 

Stephen Sowerby’s success is an inspiration to those considering franchising as a route into profitable business ownership. His top performance was recognised by Auditel, a consulting franchise specialising in procurement processes.

Auditel is keen to celebrate high-earning consultants, who have been key to the growth of Auditel in recent years. Founder, Chris Allison, presented Stephen with the silver prize in The Highest Income Award at Auditel’s annual conference.

Since launching his franchise at 26, eight years of consistent hard work has placed Stephen at the head of a profitable business that keeps growing. He’s also able to enjoy an excellent work-life balance and says the success of today “is very much a product of the hard work I’ve put in over previous years”.

Auditel emphasises a team player mentality amongst its franchisees, ensuring that they can deliver business transformation and a competitive advantage for their clients by drawing on expertise in various expenditure areas. 

The award will support Stephen’s business by granting him more exposure and access to collaboration “as a way to leverage the knowledge of the network and increase my bandwidth to grow the business further”.

Auditel underwent a complete marketing overhaul throughout 2019 following the promotion of Chris Aston from Marketing Director to Managing Director. Stephen is confident that the revamp will continue to help grow his business and strengthen the brand:

“The approach to sales and marketing has been particularly professionalised and it’s moved the Auditel brand up a level in terms of the size and scale of firms we can now target”.

Top performer Stephen has achieved the goals he set out with when he plunged into self-employment and said farewell to his stable accountancy career. Not only is he hitting the financial figures that will secure his family’s future, but he now enjoys a positive work-life balance as his own boss.

“For me, the best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility. I work hard and I work long hours when needed but I have much more freedom now. I have a little girl and being able to arrange my work around spending more time with my family is very important. Yes, it’s been hard work, and it continues to be. But with how it’s all worked out for me, I would do it again without doubt.”

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