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Auditel Auditel is a network of approximately 100 franchised procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation consultants.

Auditel franchise partners build long-term client relationships unlocking hidden profit and improving client’s cash flow, with a focus on sustainability.

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Auditel specialist Sean Connaughton was hired to review the industrial refrigeration systems company and determine where savings could be made.

Consulting franchise Auditel helps businesses of all shapes and sizes. Recently, Auditel assisted Star Refrigeration, a successful Glasgow-based business with a fleet of over 150 vehicles and nearly 400 employees. 

Explaining his work with the industrial refrigeration systems company, Procurement and Cost Management Specialist Sean Connaughton said, 

“Star Refrigeration brought us on board to review where savings could be delivered business wide, while ensuring any new contracts were aligned with its sustainability goals.”

Since 1994, the consulting franchise has offered a range of procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation consultancy services to help businesses unlock hidden profits and improve cash flow. Over the last 27 years, Auditel has continued to grow. In 2021, the franchise is made up of over 100 consultants, and these consultants have helped more than 3,000 clients.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee and joining the Auditel network, know that consultants come from a range of industries and backgrounds. A minimum investment of £8,000 is required, with total investment costs reaching £26,950. If you’re interested in working with Auditel, but you don’t have the capital, most UK banks will be able to offer you financial support in the form of a loan covering up to 70% of start-up costs.

Become a franchisee of Auditel, and you’ll benefit from everything the company offers. In the words of franchisee David Kendall, 

“I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment. I was fortunate and very grateful to be able to build our dream home for my family and I last year. I wouldn’t have been able to start my property journey without the income from Auditel and I wouldn’t have been able to build the house if I didn’t have the time – so the flexibility of the franchise has played a pivotal role." 

To find out more about an exciting investment in this franchise, please visit Auditel’s profile page.

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