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Auditel Auditel is a network of approximately 100 franchised procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation consultants.

Auditel franchise partners build long-term client relationships unlocking hidden profit and improving client’s cash flow, with a focus on sustainability.

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Auditel is expanding in the UK with help from additional investors - and you could be its newest recruit! 

The consulting franchise, which has approximately 100 sites currently in operation, helps businesses save costs and boost profits with its team of supply-chain management and business transformation consultants. 

At a time when many companies are using the furlough scheme and making staff redundant, Auditel can support them to continue managing their procurement and supply chain processes smoothly. The franchise can even help organisations generate more profit than they otherwise would, by improving their cash flow and focussing on sustainability. 

Auditel achieves its great results by reviewing companies’ current processes and exploring ways to implement technology in order to maximise its income potential. Since 1994, the franchise has helped more than 3,000 clients unlock “hidden profits” across the UK. 

Now, the business is on the lookout for new franchisees to set up additional Auditel branches in their local areas. Investors who join the network could generate a six-figure income for their unit and develop a pool of long-term clients. Some of the franchise’s current customers have been using its services for more than two decades. 

To become an Auditel franchisee, you don’t need any specialist experience. But, if you have expertise in a particular area, such as logistics or waste management, for example, the franchise will help you focus your specialism. 

Launching an Auditel franchise unit requires a minimum investment of £8,000 +VAT but should come in at a total of £26,950 +VAT. When you’re up and running, the franchisor will ask you to make a regular royalty payment of 12.5 percent of your income.

Find out more about benefiting from Auditel’s fantastic franchise model on its profile page, linked above.

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