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Recently, the repair and claims management company sat down with some of its recent franchisees to discover how they’ve weathered the pandemic, and how they’re doing now.

Aspray was keen to discuss the journeys of recent franchisees, particularly those who have joined the business during COVID-19. At the root of this discussion was the management franchise’s central question to investors: Would you do it again? Every franchisee, when asked that question, said yes.

Steve Robin, franchisee for Aspray Sheffield North, first joined the franchise network in March 2020, and says that he was supported at every stage by the Aspray team, even during initial research. In his words, “This suited me as I wanted to move quickly but, moreover, the level of detail provided, the transparency and access I was given to existing franchisees and Aspray directors meant I had a lot more confidence than I expected making my decision.” Essentially, Steve felt all of his questions were answered honestly, and this gave him faith in Aspray.

This faith has only grown since, and Steve continues to be supported by Aspray. He said, “They realise my success is their success so, while I run my own business, I still have the support of a skilled team behind me.” Finally, Steve answered that all-important question: “Yes, most definitely I would make the same decision again and, in terms of the future, despite the instability we see with our economy and around the world, I feel more confident today than I have done in years. I just wish I’d identified this opportunity at Aspray 10 years ago!

Iain Speedie, franchisee for Aspray Chester, joined in June 2020, and his answer to the question of whether he would invest again was similar: “Yes, I would make the same decision again. Although I was initially concerned about the business implications when lockdown was announced, I accepted that buildings insurance claims would continue.” And this is exactly what Iain has found.


He also very much enjoys the day-to-day of life as an Aspray franchisee, explaining that, “Every claim is different, and I enjoy validating the claim and the challenge of negotiating with the insurer or their appointed Loss Adjuster. Once on site I treat every property as if it was my own, and it is very satisfying handing a reinstated property back to a home or business owner.” Start your journey with Aspray today, and visit their profile page (which you’ll find linked above).

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