How Santos helped Patricia to start a life-changing project

Patricia González Nieto
Santos Patricia González Nieto

Franchisee - Santos Costa Rica

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We caught up with Patricia, Franchisee at Santos, to hear more about why Santos is such a great franchise to start.

What made you choose this sector to embark on your journey as a franchisee?

I had prior experience working for another kitchen cabinet distributor, so I was already familiar with the sector. During that period, I got the opportunity to get to know the brand and its products.

Santos has given me the chance to start a professional project with my own company. I would also like to point out that it is a thriving sector where great opportunities are available.

What differences set Santos apart which made you choose this franchise?

In my case, as I was already familiar with the sector and, to a certain extent, with the brand, my primary need was support to implement my project. The assistance provided by Santos was invaluable.

You have a professional on hand to give you advice throughout the stages of the process. What's more, I knew I would always have an innovative product in terms of design and functionality.

What has assistance from Headquarters been like before and after signing the franchise agreement?

Before the opening, they help you with finding a location and designing it, you have a training programme for your sales team and they provide you with different strategies so you can break into the market. They work with you to create a business plan that includes the initial investment and its profitability forecast.

Assistance continues even after the showroom opens its doors to the general public. The area sales representative provides ongoing training on technical and commercial aspects, as well as gives you advice on running the showroom. There's also franchisee assistance that keeps you informed of the status of your orders and helps you with the logistics. You are part of a team.

What advantages or disadvantages do a Santos franchisee have compared with an independent showroom?
If you had to start from scratch, independent business or franchise?

We have been exclusive distributors of Santos right from the start, so we have not had the chance to compare our experience with that of a showroom that is not part of a franchise. Nevertheless, I can think of several advantages: brand recognition, ongoing product development, different operational resources available (methodology, manuals and procedures), prior brand experience and a team that works hand in hand with you.

Santos franchise


Designing and manufacturing quality furniture since 1952

For more than 65 years, Santos has contributed to transforming a simple space into a comfortable and [...]

£100,000 Minimum investment
Home Improvement & Construction
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