Benjamin Stevens franchise

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Benjamin Stevens franchise

Benajmin Stevens Hub+ gives you the opportunity to break out of the grind of being employed and allows you the freedom to run your own property sales business.

They provide you with the structure and support system to be able to confidently run and manage your business in your own exclusive territory.

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About Benjamin Stevens

The employed Estate Agent model is broken – why work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to give 95% of your banked money to your boss?  

Benjamin Stevens Hub+ has turned Estate Agency on it’s head, putting their Partners in charge, allowing them to take control of their work/life balance, whilst earning a lot more in the process.  

Benjamin Stevens Hub+ provides their Partners with the following; 

  • Brand name with a 17 year reputation 
  • Vebra Alto (top CRM) 
  • Access to Right Move, Zoopla, On the Market and Prime Location 
  • Spectre (property data tool for leads) 
  • Company email account 
  • Ongoing training and support 
  • Access to a network of like-minded Hub Partners, for tips, ideas and potential split deals.  

The Hub Partner will be responsible for the entire sales process, from canvassing, to the completion of a sale.  

Rather than the standard 5% commission usually earnt in an employed setting, The Benjamin Stevens Hub allows each Parter to earn 80% on the completion of each sale.  

The massively enhanced earning potential also allows Partners to spend more time on each deal, give their clients a better level of service, which in turn builds up their reputation.  

Each Partner will work an exclusive territory/postcode, which will be their own to manage and run.  

The Hub Partners within the model are reaping the benefits the personal and financial benefits of being their own boss, and have never been happier.  

Training and support provided

One of the key elements of Benjamin Stevens Hub+ model is the training and support on offer. Running your own business remotely can be a lonely task, so you can be assured that you will have the complete backing and support from the business throughout your journey. 

Once signed up, each agent receives an onboarding session, as well as system training sessions.  

Training is ongoing for Hub Partners, and is optional for all to join.  Remote training sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, with previous subjects having included “Top 20 Canvassing Methods” and “The Perfect Floorplan”. They are currently conducting external fortnightly sessions with one of the country’s top property sales trainers, to ensure their Partners are the best they can possibly be.  

Hub Partners don’t need to wait for weekly sessions, either, they are free to book in mentoring calls whenever they wish, to make sure they are on the right track.  

They will also have access to one of the country’s top property Facebook specialists, who is retained on a monthly basis to give support and guidance to Partners on their social media presence. 

Although most sessions are remote due to location, Hub Partners are also welcome to come and visit the main office in North London when they wish to.  

The support structure is in place to ensure that bar lack of effort on their part, there is no possible way for a Hub Partner to fail.  

What makes us different is that you will never be on your own. Support will be there for you 24/7 in many different formats. On top of this Managing Director, Steve Wayne’s door is always open. He launched Benjamin Stevens aged just 22 with very little estate agency experience and has built the business up over the last 17 years. He’s learnt from his mistakes and wants to assist and support all the Partner Agents that come on board to achieve and reach their maximum earning potential.​

The ideal Benjamin Stevens franchisee

Over and above any other quality, the ideal candidate for Benjamin Stevens Hub+ needs grit, determination and a real hunger to succeed. The earning potential in this model is industry-leading, but is only a reality for those with the determination to consistently put in the hard graft. 

If you come from an Estate Agency background and are familiar with the day to day role, this is a great opportunity for you to take your career to the next level.  

Alternatively, you can approach this from an entrepreneurial point of view by taking on self-employed Estate Agents to work underneath you, to help build out your territory.  

In essence, the ideal candidate is one who can see the potential this model has to offer, and who is committed to putting in the hard graft to make it succeed.  ​​

Benjamin Stevens' history

Benjamin Stevens is an award-winning estate agency, with a 17 year history and an incredible reputation in the locations they service.  

They branched out into the self-employed model 2 years ago with the Benjamin Stevens Hub, allowing Estate Agents to break out of the daily employment grind, and truly own their own property sales business.