Why Your Perceived 'Worst Personality Traits' Can Actually Help You Become a Successful Franchisee

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We’ve all got something we’d like to change about ourselves, but what if that ‘bad’ trait could make you a successful franchisee? Turns out, that stubborn streak, the chattiness that always earns you a telling off or your intense dislike of having colleagues could actually be your key to success. Seriously. So don’t go breaking those bad habits just yet …

Ever wished you could change one part of your personality? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. A study by the University of Illinois found that “the vast majority” of people would like to change some aspect of their personality. Sometimes, our ‘worst’ traits can feel like they’re nothing but obstacles.

But what if you could use the very thing that annoys you to propel yourself on to greatness? Or what if franchising could actually help you overcome traits that you feel have been holding you back? Here are five of the most common ‘worst’ traits and why they’re not the curse you believe them to be.


Always the last to give up on a something, even if everyone around you is telling you to stop? You’ve probably noticed that you’ve got something of a stubborn streak. But this level of persistence could actually be a huge asset if you’re thinking about becoming a franchisee. What looks like stubbornness to others could actually be incredible determination, if you apply it to the right things.

It might test your friends’ patience when you spend an hour pondering over one quiz clue because you can’t let it go. However, if your inability to give in means you’re able to stick with your franchise even through the tough times, it’s going to become one of your greatest assets. This side of your personality will drive you to find new solutions and work through problems that would’ve caused others to give up.


If you hate being the centre of attention and have only heard of customer-facing franchises, like a takeaway franchise or retail franchise, you probably don’t think franchising is the right career choice for you. Actually, there are loads of franchises that require very little customer interaction, while still offering plenty of financial and personal satisfaction.

A home-based franchise will allow you to conduct most of your business from home. It could actually help you build confidence too, as you’ll be able to interact with clients and suppliers virtually and improve your social skills without feeling so intimidated. Don’t let your shyness stand between you and the chance to run your very own business.

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Being a Lone Wolf

Teamwork has always been your idea of hell and you never feel at your best when working closely with others, despite what your resume says. It can be hard to thrive as an employee when you just don’t enjoy working as part of a team, particularly if you’re not experienced or qualified enough to climb the career ladder to a more solo position.

As a franchisee, you’ll have the chance to spend your days in blissful solitude and can get things done on your terms. Gone are the pointless meetings, the big egos who don’t want to listen to your ideas and the stress of relying on others. Suddenly, you’ll be in charge of your daily tasks and will have plenty of freedom to complete them however you like.

Your franchisor may well have operating guidelines you need to follow, but they’re not likely to interfere with what you do day-to-day. Considering that many franchises can be run from home, this kind of business is actually likely to suit people that enjoy working alone best.


Been called childish or told to grow up more times than you can count? Your irrepressibly youthful nature could make you the ideal candidate for a franchise. Dr. Stuart Brown, who has dedicated his life to studying the positive impact of play, found that adults who are in touch with their child-like love of play are likely to be happier, more creative and better able to cope with stress.

More often than not, childishness is a response to being forced to do things that make us unhappy. It could be that an unfulfilling job, team dynamic or lack of interest in your sector are causing your childish behaviour. Instead of wallowing and allowing it to grow into an even unrulier part of your personality, look for a role where you can truly embrace your child-like nature. You could take back control over your life and banish the worst parts of your childishness by starting a franchise.

If you enjoy spending time with your relatives’ offspring more than you do with them, why not look into a children’s franchise? Running a sports team for little ones, helping them with home tutoring or hosting fun music classes might just be your calling.

And even if you don’t like kids, your youthful outlook could still lend itself well to franchising. Your ability to think outside the restrictive ‘stuffy adult’ box will allow you to solve problems creatively, and you might find the bits you hate about your childish nature disappear as you grow happier in your new role. Yes, you will need to commit to a fair bit of adulting to build a successful business, but who says you have to fully grow up to become a franchisee?


Your love of a chat is the cause of everything from your bad school reports to your daily dressing downs at work. Some of us just can’t resist the opportunity for a natter, even if it’s going to negatively impact what we’re supposed to be doing. Rather than trying to unsuccessfully muzzle yourself into silence, you should be using your talkative nature to your advantage.

There are many franchise opportunities out there, from business coaching franchises to B2B franchises to home tutoring franchises, that are perfect for people that love engaging with others. And if you’ve been told you’ve got ‘the gift of the gab’, you’re likely to excel at the helm of a recruitment franchise or other sales-based opportunity. Don’t try and fight your loose lips – embrace them and make a career change that allows you to chatter the day away.

Embrace your flaws

None of us are perfect and what you perceive as a flaw could actually be a strength to others. Of course, addressing bad habits and working on unhelpful behaviours is something we should all try to do. But if you’re trying to battle against a core part of your personality, you’re just setting yourself up for a lifetime of unhappiness.

Instead of trying to change yourself into something that you’ll never be, embrace the things that make you unique. Seek challenges that turn them from a hindrance into a help and let yourself embark on a career journey that might just change your life. Feeling inspired? Check out our UK franchise directory to find your next opportunity.

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