Vape Franchise: New Findings About Smoking Make a Vape Franchise Worth Considering

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Approximately one-third of all UK vapers use electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking and smoking rates are continuing to drop in the UK. Both of these facts are good news for public health bodies, those affected by smoking-related illnesses, and the vaping industry. Here, we take a look at some of the new scientific findings concerning smoking, and consider their impact on the vaping industry.

Vape Franchise: New Findings About Smoking Make a Vape Franchise Worth Considering

No safe level of smoking

Though many people think that a cheeky cigarette now and again cant do much harm, a recent study has shown otherwise. For a large number of smokers struggling to quit, cutting back is a good alternative. However, a University College London (UCL) study has demonstrated that there is no safe level of smoking.

Those who smoke just one cigarette a day are still 50% more likely to develop heart disease than non-smokers. Theyre also 30% more likely to have a stroke. These statistics are particularly worrying when we consider the fact that heart-related illnesses and diseases are the number one cause of smoking-related deaths. The study went on to show that reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day does not result in a proportionate decrease in the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Childhood passive smoking

Passive smoking is a generally accepted danger and many smokers attempt to limit others' exposure to their smoke. The government has also introduced legislation to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke on non-smokers. This includes the smoking ban and the regulations introduced to outlaw smoking in any vehicle that also contains anyone under the age of 18.

However, not everyone understands the extent of the risks posed by passive smoking. An American study has released findings that show children who are exposed to smoke for 10 or more hours every week were 27% more likely to die of ischemic heart disease, 23% more likely to die of a stroke, and 42% more likely to die of obstructive lung disease.

Pets suffer

The statistics on childhood passive smoking are terrifying, but theyre not the only ones who suffer. Pets are just as, if not more, at risk. While dogs are more likely to develop lung or sinus cancer, cats are at risk of developing lymphoma. Smaller animals can suffer from skin and respiratory diseases.

Pets are in danger in much the same way as human passive smokers. They inhale the second-hand smoke and the various substances within the smoke cause damage to their bodies and essential systems. However, they're also at risk due to the way that animals groom themselves. Nicotine and other substances can get trapped in their fur or hair and is then ingested when they groom. This increases the amount of dangerous substances pets are exposed to.

Loss of hearing

Besides well-known smoking-related health problems, there are a whole host of conditions that aren't so well publicised. For instance, Japanese researchers have recently revealed that smokers are far more likely to lose their hearing than non-smokers. The study shows that smokers are 60% more likely to develop high-frequency hearing loss and 20% more likely to develop low-frequency hearing loss when compared with non-smokers.

Worryingly, the chance of losing your hearing actually increases with each cigarette smoked. However, the study did not definitively prove a causal relationship between smoking and hearing loss existed. Due to the large number of external factors affecting the study, scientists could only say that the evidence of a causal link was incredibly strong but not conclusive.

Cigarettes damage your DNA

We all know that smoking causes various types of cancer. But most people don't understand that many of these cancers are caused by the damage smoking does to your DNA. Efforts by scientists at the University of North Carolina to map carcinogenic damage in DNA has revealed just how harmful smoking can be.

Recognising that smoking affects us at a molecular level and damages the very thing that makes us who we are our DNA is enough to make a lot of smokers think twice about their habit.

NHS backs vaping

One of the biggest endorsements of vaping has come from the British medical establishment. Kevin Fenton, the Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England, has been quoted as saying this study provides further evidence that switching to e-cigarettes can significantly reduce harm to smokers, with greatly reduced exposure to carcinogens and toxins." The organisation also released a report that argued e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco.

For anyone considering starting an e-cigarette franchise, this is excellent news. While consumers had already embraced electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, NHS backing confers a legitimacy that the industry previously lacked. It also pushes new customers into the industry. Many medical professionals will now be willing to recommend vaping as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking, while news reports will generate greater awareness of the product.

The growth of the vaping industry

In recent years, vaping brands have become some of the most popular franchises on the high street. Worldwide, there are an estimated 35 million vapers. This is expected to rise to 55 million by 2021. These vapers spent a combined total of $22.6billion in 2016.

In the UK, 2.9 million people use e-cigarettes. This has resulted in an enormous boom in the vaping industry and the establishment of a number of different brands and franchises. However, the industry is still in its early stages and looking for the right way to market, brand, and sell itself. This means that theres plenty of opportunity for new franchises who want to make their mark.


Owning a franchise in a relatively new industry can be risky. However, the e-cigarette industry is demonstrating signs of impressive growth and is benefitting from large quantities of scientific research on the ill effects of smoking. As more and more people are pushed away from smoking, a bigger market for e-cigarettes emerges. Scientific studies that make smokers think twice about their habit can only benefit vaping franchises.

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