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Our top marketing franchises in the UK

Marketing franchises are an incredibly popular investment opportunity. They typically offer franchisees a great deal of flexibility while providing a stable platform from which to grow a successful and profitable business. Here, we take a look at three of the most exciting marketing franchises in 2018:

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Top marketing franchises in the UK

Activ Net Marketing


Activ Net Marketing franchise
Activ Net Marketing

Start an online franchise with one of the very first digital marketing franchises in the UK. Build up your own [...]

£9,995 Minimum investment
IT, High-Tech & Online
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Franchise basics

Activ Net Marketing is a marketing franchise that offers its members a large amount of freedom and flexibility. Franchisees can work part-time and from home and the organisation now encompasses businesses around the UK, as well as franchise units in countries as far-flung as Australia. The franchise provides web design services to companies who require professional, eye-catching web designs that incorporate the latest SEO techniques and social media management services. By focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, as well as new enterprises, Activ Net ensure theres always a market for their product.

Whats the minimum level of investment required?
If youre considering starting a franchise with Activ Net, you'll need to raise a minimum initial investment of £9,995. The franchise also charges a monthly support fee, though this is waived for the first three months of your franchise ownership. Additional fees are charged for the SEO Services and Social Media Management. With these services, the central franchise management team undertake the vast majority of the work. All the franchisee is required to do is sell the service to the customer and then take home a 60% commission payment. These additional revenue streams are a fantastic way to increase your monthly turnover and require little extra work on top of the hours you're already committing to the business.

What do you get in return for your investment?
In return for your investment, franchisees are granted an exclusive territory and the rights to operate under the Activ Net brand name. All franchisees are enrolled on a 3-day training course that encompasses modules on products, strategies, and software. No previous web development experience is required, as the training course will provide you with all the knowledge you require to operate our unique development software. Ongoing support and guidance are provided and regular training opportunities allow you to upgrade your skills as you earn. Franchisees are also provided with marketing materials, access to online resources, and your own local website.

Out There

Franchise basics
Out There is a digital marketing franchise that specialises in the leisure and lifestyle industries. Essentially, Out There offer advertising space clients who want to ensure that their events reach an interested and engaged audience. For the general public, Out There is a way of finding out what's going on in any given area on any given night of the week. It's a match made in heaven! The vast majority of Out There services are published via their website and dedicated mobile app, both of which benefit from the inclusion of many exciting, money-saving promotions and offers. Employing a specialist-built Content Management System, the franchise is able to offer franchisees, clients, and consumers an excellent online experience, that keeps everyone happy.

Whats the minimum level of investment required?
The minimum initial investment for a franchisee is set at £20,000. However, further investment and some working capital will be necessary to ensure that your new franchise unit benefits from a comfortable safety net as you work to establish the business. The franchise offers advertisers a number of different services, ranging in cost from £49 to £109 a month. This gives franchisees the opportunity to earn from businesses of all sizes and with a diverse array of ambitions. Out There are also committed to developing a strong franchise network and, in the past, have run a cashback offer to business owners and investors looking to help grow the franchise.

What do you get in return for your investment?
In return for your investment, franchisees attend an induction training programme, are provided with support from the central management team, and benefit from pre-qualified leads. Franchisees also have the opportunity to join the Premiere Partnership Programme, which offers bonus benefits and ensures that the central franchise takes a lower royalty fee from franchisees.


Franchise basics
Established in the US, in 1973, Minuteman has accumulated over 40 years of business experience and become one of the best franchises to invest in for those who want to operate in the marketing sector. Its primary products include design, print, and marketing services that ensure customers businesses benefit from a professional, modern, and appealing image. Minuteman has repeatedly won awards for its franchise programme, and in 2017 was voted the number one franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Whats the minimum level of investment required?
If youre looking to become a Minuteman franchisee, youll need to raise a total investment of £83,700. However, this figure can rise to as much as £126,000 depending on your location and other relevant factors. Depending on your personal circumstances, franchisees may be able to raise a considerable amount of this figure from major UK lenders.

What do you get in return for your investment?
In return for your investment, youll attend a training and franchisee-preparation course that's been developed, modified, and honed to perfection over 40 years of business operations. The franchise provides new franchisees with plenty of support and will assist in the leasing of equipment, finding a property, and launching the business. It also conducts research on the local area, provides marketing assistance, and grants franchisees access to their easy-to-use, specialist marketing software known as FLEX. Through this platform, you'll be making websites, brochures, logos, business cards, pens, USB pens and a whole range of other products in no time at all.

All three of our featured franchises approach marketing from a slightly different perspective. Each has their own speciality and each offers franchisees a unique experience. When making an investment decision, its vital that you do your research, talk to franchisors and existing franchisees, and do your due diligence. Dont rush into a franchise opportunity until youre absolutely sure that its the right move for you.

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