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Originally posted on 20/09/2017. Updated on 07/04/2019.

For many of us, the list of reasons for not going to the gym is nearly as exhaustive as the benefits of exercising. Expensive membership fees, complicated machinery and feeling intimated are the most-used excuses for choosing the sofa over the treadmill. But with latest figures from the British Heart Foundation stating that a devastating 180 people in the UK die of a heart attack every day, its no surprise that Brits are starting to prioritise their health and invest in getting fit.

Theres no denying that the UK still has a problem with weight control, with 62 percent of adults in the UK being overweight or obese (Cancer Research UK). But people are starting to wise up on the detrimental impact this has on their health and take the appropriate measures to shed a few pounds. According to the 2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report, there are over 7,000 gyms in the UK, with almost ten million sweaty gymgoers filling them. With the UK health and fitness industry growing each year, it is hardly surprising that the market value is approximately £5 billion.

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The main driving force behind the impressive industry growth is the increased popularity of low-cost gyms. Having an affordable monthly membership fee tackles the main reason Brits give for not going to the gym - expensive gym membership. Low-cost gyms now account for approximately 15 percent of the market value and 35 percent of membership.

And these low-cost alternatives are proving to be a recession-proof concept to invest in. In times of economic downturn, people tend to cut back on luxury spending which, in the past, included costly gym memberships. With the rise of inexpensive gyms, people have not had to make this sacrifice and so the industry has continued to grow even in times of economic uncertainty.

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With the number of fitness facilities, market value and total memberships on the up, starting a fitness franchise could be an exciting and potentially lucrative - business opportunity.

Our Top Fitness Franchise Opportunities

The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way of entering the fitness industry is to do so by buying a franchise gym business for sale. Here are three of our most exciting fitness franchise opportunities currently looking for franchisees:

The Fitness Space

Established in 2010 by former Olympic athlete, Tim Benjamin, this is a gym business with a difference. With a mission to break down many of the barriers to exercise, this franchise network essentially offers its clients the high level of service akin to that of a personal trainer for the much more reasonable cost of a gym membership. The Fitness Space provides yoga, personal and small group trainings, fitness camp and more.

The Fitness Space provides a comprehensive training package to help franchisees achieve great returns whilst helping people at the same time. The franchise team will provide franchisees with a bespoke CRM system, smartphone app, intensive training at the headquarters for a week, pre-sales management and coordination, weekly field support, a launch programme, a dedicated phoneline and intranet forum.

A minimum investment of £75,000 and a total investment of £245,000 is required. The initial franchise fee is £24,950.

Anytime Fitness

This exciting 24-hour gym has been ranked the number one global franchise by Entrepreneur magazine. Established in Minneapolis, US, in 2002, the rapidly expanding club now has over 4,000 clubs in 30 countries.

Training continues weekly, monthly and yearly - on-site, remotely and via regular three-day training courses.

This gym business for sale enables franchisees to maximise their earning potential by charging a flat monthly royalty fee, rather than it being a percentage of profit. This is beneficial for hard-working and dedicated franchisees as they gain from the fruits of their labour and can budget more effectively with a set monthly royalty fee.

In order to invest with Anytime Fitness you will need a minimum investment of £170,000, a total investment of £170,000 and franchise fees of £36,000.


This is an affordable gym that provides its members with quality equipment and a comprehensive fitness class timetable. Franchisees joining Trugym also receive everything they need to start their journey to becoming the boss, as well as the fitness training, health and safety know-how and marketing support thats needed to run a successful business.

Interested franchisees need a minimum investment of £100,000, a total investment of £300,000 and franchise fees of £25,000.

The future for both budget and premium gyms is looking bright with plenty of opportunity to develop and evolve to meet the increasing demands of todays fitness market. There is a lot of competition around, particularly for low cost gyms, but there are also loads of opportunities to change, diversity and progress for many years to come. So, what are the advantages of investing in a gym business for sale as part of a franchise?

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The Shredquarters

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£50,000 Minimum investment
Gym, Sport & Beauty
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Advantages of Investing in a Gym Franchise

Brand awareness is a big benefit of a franchise gym business, as clients know what to expect before they walk through the door. Members and potential clients will be aware of the classes that are offered, the quality of the equipment used as well as the pricing structures available. And while a business is being set up, franchisees can benefit from the knowledge, experience and advice that the franchisor can provide. This is invaluable when considering location, equipment, recruitment and promotional activity.

As well as sound advice, in a crowded marketplace, the robust marketing plan that the franchisor will have developed and refined will be a priceless asset contributing to the success of the business. Compare this to an independent gym owner, and the amount of money, time and effort that would need to be spent to replicate the level of local and national exposure would huge.

And finally, as well as running a profitable, enjoyable and exciting business, franchisees have the added benefit of knowing that theyre helping members of their community to avoid becoming just another British Heart Foundation statistic.

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