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If youíve got a dentistry background or are thinking about entering the industry, you might be interested to know the top dental franchises in the UK. We provide a rundown of these below.

Dentistry isnít the first industry that springs to mind when talking about the world of franchising. Here in the UK, weíre lucky enough to be able to access most dental care cheaply through the NHS and the private practices across the country are often run by healthcare companies such as Bupa, who only have company owned clinics. However, dental franchises can be an incredibly lucrative business venture.

Around £5.8 billion is spent on dental treatments every single year, with around £2.2 billion generated by private dental care. Although many of us opt for an NHS dentist due to cost constraints, those who are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on their dental care can rack up hefty bills. From standard procedures such as fillings and a scale and polish all the way up to veneers and implants that will set you back thousands, private dentistry is a sector with high profit margins. Letís find out more about the top dental franchises in the UK.

Reasons why starting a dental franchise is a brilliant idea

1. Franchising offers a more straightforward and risk-free route to business ownership

Setting up your own private dental clinic can be incredibly expensive, as youíll need to purchase costly equipment and premises. It can also be confusing, as youíll need to ensure you comply with standards set by regulatory bodies such as the CQC. By investing in a franchise, you can operate under an established brand with tried and tested processes, not to mention rely on the support network of the expert franchise team.

2. You are helping people look and feel good

By proving dental services you are helping people in your local area keep their teeth in tip top condition, and in doing so, help them when they are in any pain and provide cosmetic services like teeth whitening to increase their confidence. It therefore can be a very rewarding job, especially if you provide an exceptional customer experience that always leaves them satisfied with them treatment and an excellent working environment so employees are happy.

Top dental franchises in the UK

1. Bright White Smiles

Bright White Smiles is a cosmetic teeth whitening business looking to expand its UK franchise network.

  • Becoming a Bright White Smiles franchisee: If you are ager to create bright smiles and boost peopleís confidence while running your own reputable business, you are encouraged to apply. Head to its website for more details and to sign up.
  • How much you need to invest: If youíre hoping to open your dental franchise in London youíll need around £14,995, but in the rest of the UK you can get started for £12,995.
  • What you get for your investment: As well as being awarded an exclusive territory to trade in, you can make the most of its comprehensive training programme that covers all aspects of running your business. This is on top of ongoing head office support, a web presence, vehicle sign writing and marketing and equipment packages.

2. The Dentistís Choice

This dental franchise is slightly different to the other two, as it is actually a handpiece repair franchise (the equipment used for treatments such as a scale and polish). So, if youíre looking for a way into the industry without actually carrying out the treatments, this could be an option.

The Dentistís Choice is a franchise network of dental handpiece businesses that offer repair, service and sales to dentists across the US.

  • Becoming a The Dentistís Choice franchisee: You can make the most of a large protected territory and have the freedom to control your own work schedule. You can contact the franchising number on the website.
  • What you get for your investment: Training includes learning the mechanical principals of handpiece operation and repair inside out, as well as a marketing and sales manual.

At the moment, this franchise is only up and running in the US, but you could still get in touch to enquire about bringing The Dentistís Choice to this side of the pond.

Opportunities on Point Franchise

Although there arenít currently any dental franchises here on Point Franchise, there are other options in the world of healthcare that offer you the chance to improve peopleís health in many different ways. If youíd like to run your own business in eye, ear, or home care, there are lots of options just waiting for you to take a look at.

1. Leightons

Established in 1928, Leightons is a family business that has been passed on through the generations. Providing a fantastic customer experience is immensely important to this business, which believes it is competent service and friendly interactions that keep its customers coming back time and time again. In 1997, Leightons introduced its franchise model, which has helped it expand to 34 different territories across the South of England.

  • Becoming a Leightons franchisee: If you are interested in joining the business, there are three different options for you to consider. You donít have to become a franchisee; you could alternatively initiate a joint venture or a shared ownership agreement to open your own Leightons store. Click here to find out more.
  • How much you need to invest: If you opt to start a franchise with Leightons, you should be prepared to make a minimum investment of around £135,000. You will also need to pay franchise fees of £20,000 to cover everything from the use of Leightonsí business model and brand name, to training and ongoing guidance.
  • What you get for your investment: Of course, you should bear in mind that the investment requirements, contractual obligations and level of support on offer will differ slightly with each type of business partnership, but Leightons will always provide quality support in order to ensure the success of your business Ė and the reputation of the brand as a whole. Youíll receive training and support with sales, marketing and business operations.

2. Baby Ultrasound Clinic

As one of the fastest growing private pregnancy ultrasound providers in the UK, this is an exciting franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a baby franchise.

  • Becoming a Baby Ultrasound Clinic franchisee: If you want to become part of a growing national brand that gives expectant parents a chance to get a glimpse at their little ones, the Baby Ultrasound Clinic could be the ideal opportunity for you.
  • How much you need to invest: Baby Ultrasound Clinic asks for a minimum investment of £7,000 and a total investment of £15,000.
  • What you get for your investment: In return, youíll take part in an initial training programme to get to grips with the business processes, have access to an operations manual, clinic, marketing and operational support and more.

Start a dental franchise today

As you can see there isnít currently lots of choice when it comes to investing in a dental franchise in the UK. However, this doesnít mean you canít start your own business from scratch. Or, if youíre open to other sectors in the health care industry, there are lots of other franchises to choose from. You might want to continue your reading with another one of our articles that shows how you can start your own healthcare franchise or check out our UK franchise directory.

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