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Automotive franchises UK

Franchises in the automotive industry are typically considered a safe bet. There's enormous demand for their services, and anyone able to maintain high standards of customer service is likely to excel. However, there's one problem. The incredible diversity of automotive franchises can make it difficult to know which franchise you should opt for. Here, we take a look at our top five and explain what makes each such an attractive investment opportunity.

The best automotive franchise opportunities in the UK

1. Autosmart

Autosmart is one of the UK's leading distributors of car cleaning products. Established in 1979, the business adopted a franchise model in 1999 and has continued to grow and develop its products and services over the years. Stocking a range of more than 200 cleaning products, this van-based franchise operates according to a compelling business model. It empowers franchisees and ensures they continue to provide excellent standards of service to existing customers, while also equipping them with the tools to reach out to large numbers of new clients.

To invest in Autosmart, franchisees will require a minimum initial investment of £15,000. The first franchisee agreement typically runs for five years, at which point it can be renewed or terminated. In return for this investment, franchisees will receive a franchise package that includes a full training and support programme, access to Autosmarts centralised customer database, and all the equipment youll need to get up and running. As far as automotive franchises go, this is one of the most affordable options out there. It also benefits from a stellar reputation, having been awarded several British Franchise Association (bfa) awards in recent years.

2. Etyres

Etyres is an intriguingly unique franchising opportunity. As the first online tyre franchise in the UK, Etyres has found itself a niche in the market, that it has had no trouble in exploiting. Established in 1992, it wasnt until 1996 that Etyres opened its first franchise unit and began expanding across the country. Specialising in online tyre ordering and mobile fitting, this van-based franchise provides an essential service in a vast market. With over 34 million vehicles on the road in the UK alone, franchisees can be sure that there will always be demand for their services.

Starting a franchise requires a minimum initial investment of £24,000. However, up to 70% of this initial investment can be covered by a lending agreement with one of the countrys major financial institutions. In return for this investment, franchisees receive a franchise package that includes an extensive training period, ongoing support, updates on product developments, equipment, and guidance on how to establish your new business.

3. Citroen

Citroen offers one of the best franchise opportunities in the automotive market. As a leading car manufacturer with incredible brand name recognition, Citroen is looking to expand their network of franchised car dealerships by bringing talented individuals into their business. Franchised dealerships not only sell cars, but also provide emergency assistance, perform car warranty check-ups, and ensure Citroen vehicles receive the maintenance they require. The diverse array of services a Citroen dealership offers ensures franchisees can tap into multiple revenue streams and increase their turnover.

To invest in a Citroen franchise, applicants will require a minimum initial investment of £700,000. At least £250,000 of this amount will need to be liquid assets. This level of investment covers the franchise fee, as well as marketing materials, inventory, flyers, and training. The training period lasts around one week and is supplemented by ongoing business support when your unit opens.

4. ChipsAway

The ChipsAway franchise specialises in Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) repair processes. As a van-based franchise (though there is the possibility that franchisees will be able to open a dedicated Car Care Centre in the future, should they demonstrate particular aptitude), ChipsAway franchisees take their mobile workshop wherever their customers need them. Having been in business for around 20 years, the franchise now constitutes the most extensive network of car repair specialists in the UK. As a fully-prepared franchise that presents franchisees with a turn-key business thats ready to go on day one, ChipAway is an excellent investment opportunity for anyone interested in the automotive industry.

Franchisees will need to raise an initial investment of £29,995 + VAT. However, through various funding arrangements, this can be reduced to just £15,000 + VAT. In return, franchisees will receive hands-on, technical training, access to business management, marketing, and sales courses, ongoing support and advice, marketing materials, and the use of a UK call centre thats open 24/7 and directs business your way when youre not able to get to the phone.

5. Europcar

Europcar is one of Europes leading car rental franchises, with over 2,900 units spread over 147 countries around the world. Offering customers an enormous range of vehicles to choose from, the franchise is well known for providing high-quality rentals at a reasonable price. Having developed a range of business partnerships with some of the world's leading car manufacturers, franchisees will be able to build their own custom fleet of vehicles as their business grows.

To apply for a Europcar franchise, it's necessary to raise an initial investment of approximately £800,000. However, the precise franchise fee will depend on your chosen location and is made available upon request. In return for this investment, franchisees will receive a comprehensive franchise package that includes a six-day training programme, marketing materials, operations manuals, assistance in locating a site and setting up the business, ongoing support and guidance, and the right to trade under the Europcar brand name.


Our top five automotive franchises all offer prospective franchisees something completely different. They range from affordable franchises to franchises with hefty fees that represent the brands global reach and influence. Each covers a different aspect of the automotive industry including sales, rentals, repair, and cleaning and they all offer distinct benefits to their franchisees. Choosing between them may be tricky, so if youd like any additional information, dont hesitate to get in touch.

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