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salon franchise opportunities

There are many types of salons that we rely on to feel and look good. Today, we’ll take a look at an industry overview, different types of salons and franchise opportunities.

Overview of the Hair and Beauty Industry

According to Global Data, it is predicted that in the UK in 2022, we will each spend around £487 on health and beauty products. This is a rise of £73 over the last five years to reach £26.7 billion. That staggering statistic would mean that it would be the most rapidly expanding sector that year. This is partially attributed to a global shift in being more concerned about our appearance. This is great news for salons – with people being prepared to part with more of their hard-earned cash to look good, the demand for professional salon services should increase too.

There are always new salon treatments coming into popularity and, like most things in the retail and beauty sectors, there are trends and fads that come and go. Salons can capitalise on the demand for new services by incorporating them into their offering; for example, micro-needling, microblading and lash enhancement tattoos.

How many salons are there?

Let’s look at high street salons, mobile salons and spa salons in more depth to gain a better understanding of what sort of franchise you might like to open.

High Street

As of Spring 2017, there were around 3,700 hair salons, 1,500 nail bars and 13,000 beauty salons operating on or around UK high streets (HABIA). You can walk past their bright posters, striking logos and eye-catching promo deals to entice customers. Quite a lot of high street salons will offer a loyalty card or some sort of reward scheme where you can get a free treatment after spending a certain amount. Here, many beauty therapists and hairdressers learn their trade and work their way up in the company. Over the years, they can establish a trusted customer base and so always be in demand.


The same research also found that there are around 950 mobile beauty therapists currently operating in the UK. This type of experience tends to be more informal and relaxed as they provide the treatment in clients’ own homes.

If you opened a mobile beauty salon franchise, you could offer makeup for special occasions like proms and wedding days, or nail treatments for people going on holiday. The possibilities are endless.

This option involves fewer start-up costs than a shop front-style business, which is great. However, there are the drawbacks that some customers’ houses might not be suitable for the desired treatment and it could be problematic trying to organise rounds with limited travel time.

This is the same for a mobile hair salon business. It’s great for clients who can’t travel to a salon easily, but not so good for fuel costs.


There are roughly 400 spas in the UK at the moment. Some are stand alone locations and others are self-contained spa complexes in hotels. They are a more upmarket, luxurious experience so, to run this sort of business, you need to be prepared to provide a customer service that exceeds the standard expectation.

Types of Salons

Due to there being such a large variety of treatments on offer nowadays, many beauty therapists and even salons tend to specialise in certain ones rather than offering every single one.

But what are the main types of salons out there?

1. Waxing and hair removal, including laser hair removal, eyebrow threading, upper lip waxing etc.
2. Nail treatments, including gel polish, pedicure, acrylic extensions etc.
3. Hair services, including cutting, colouring, styling, extensions etc.
4. Facials and skin care
5. Massages and other spa-like treatments
6. Tanning, including spray tan, sun beds etc.
7. Aromatherapy

Of course, many salons will mix a few of these services and offer nail treatments, spray tanning, massages and waxing in one.

Salon Franchise Opportunities

If you’re passionate about beauty and want to be part of an industry that is always evolving and makes their clients feel beautiful, why not start a salon franchise? In our books at the moment is the hair salon franchise, Rush Hair, and the beauty franchise, Guinot.

Rush Hair

Rush Hair is a leader in the hair salon industry and offers its trusted hair care services all over the UK and overseas. Due to its tried and tested business model and well-known brand name, it has seen great success through the expansion of its franchise network. So much so that it now serves over 16,000 customers a week from over 70 UK locations.

Due to its strong global presence, it has made partnerships with huge brands like REDKEN, ghd and L'Oréal. Therefore, it offers all of the top of the range products and services in its salons.

Before launch day, you will have access to an extensive training programme so you can feel confident and stress-free about your new venture. Specialised franchise teams will provide ongoing support with the brand’s legalities and technicalities.

If you want to become a Rush Hair franchisee, you need to make a minimum investment of £15,000 and a total investment of around £16,000. Even if you don’t have experience in the hairdressing industry, you should still apply. As a franchisee, you will act as more of an overseer than a hairdresser – unless you want to get involved.


Guinot is one of the leading cosmetics suppliers in the UK and internationally. It has now grown to 210 franchised outlets worldwide, so customers all over the world can enjoy the brand’s extensive product range.

The brand holds its seven-day initial training programme at its head office, and it covers all you need to know to run your own Guinot franchise. But even when you’re up and running and thriving in the lucrative industry, you can still rely on the company to support you. This is achieved through seminars, amongst other initiatives.

To invest in this franchise, you need to have a minimum of £87,000 to invest.

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