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Noodle performing arts franchise

If you’ve got a dream of being your own boss, love being on stage and are passionate about working with children, then running a performing arts franchise could be the perfect role for you.

Noodle offers a great franchise business opportunity for those who believe children flourish in an environment where they can relax and have fun. Noodle’s performing arts classes combine music, singing, dance and drama are more affordable than those traditionally offered by dance and theatre schools, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Starting a franchise with Noodle will enable you to stand out from the competition, which means you can be a huge success even if other dance or theatre schools are operating in your area. For the price of one franchise fee, you’ll get access to two lucrative revenue streams. As well as offering classes, as part of your franchise package, you’ll get all the equipment and costumes to run themed children’s parties.

Here’s more information about this fantastic and fun franchise opportunity:

Franchise package

The comprehensive franchise package includes everything you need to run your classes and parties. In return for the very affordable franchise fee of just £7,500 plus VAT, you’ll receive:

  • Equipment needed for performing arts classes
  • Costumes and equipment for parties
  • Access to class and party plans as and when they’re developed
  • Your first year’s PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) licence
  • Teacher uniforms
  • Personalised Noodle email and website pages
  • Marketing materials
  • Extensive training programme consisting of a one-week residential course as well as sessions on health and safety, accounts and book-keeping
  • Access to the online Noodle Operations Manual
  • Support from the Noodle team based at Head Quarters
  • Training and support for recruitment, HR, sales, marketing and PR training and support

You’ll be required to pay a small licence fee of £25 plus VAT for the use of the bespoke Noodle system.

What’s required?

Noodle is seeking hard-working and passionate individuals who have the drive to succeed to join the performing arts franchise. Other than these attributes, there is no requirement to have any previous experience or a background in teaching or performing arts; although this franchise business opportunity is suited if you have worked in these sectors before.

Acting skills
You don’t need to be able to act, dance or sing to become a Noodle franchisee. In fact, you don’t even need to take any of the classes. If you prefer, you can take a more management role in your business and recruit teachers to run the classes instead.

Of course, if you do want to take your own classes, then this is a great way to connect with children and parents while getting to know your target market and keeping overheads low. By teaching, you'll truly understand how your business works. And as your Noodle business grows, you can choose to take a step back to manage your franchise more effectively.

Teaching experience
While experience in teaching is beneficial, it’s not essential. If you’re passionate about performing and are willing to take advantage of the Noodle training programme, online manual and resources, you’ll have everything you need to run your business successfully.

Business premises
You don’t need to rent or buy business premises when starting a franchise with Noodle. Your classes are designed to be run in hired venues within your area and Noodle will help you to find the right locations within your territory.

If it suits, your Noodle business can even be run from home. You’ll need enough space to store the teaching and party equipment that you’ll receive as part of your franchise package. The flexibility of being home-based is that you can keep your costs down even lower while you’re establishing your business.

Case study

Carla Hewitt worked as Head of Drama in a secondary school for many years but wanted a change and the chance to be her own boss. Carla knew that she wanted to stay within the performing arts sector and continue working with children as this is where her passion and skills were based.

Right from the beginning, she was impressed with Noodle. She loved the fact that classes were more accessible and affordable than traditional stage schools giving every child an equal opportunity to succeed. This was when Carla decided to invest and become a franchisee in North Sheffield.

During her training, Carla was taught all the skills she would need to operate her performing arts franchise including planning and teaching, policies, staffing, accounts, parties, venues, merchandise and shows. She also learnt about the Noodle teaching styles and techniques so that she could start her business as soon as her training was complete.

Starting a franchise with Noodle has given Carla the best of both worlds – the freedom and flexibility to run my own business without the risk of starting my new venture from scratch. Using her previous teaching experience, Carla has also suggested improvements for her franchise which has been welcomed by Noodle HQ.

When Carla first joined Noodle, it was flexible enough to fit it around a part-time teaching job. But things have gone better than she could ever have imagined allowing her to give up her teaching role and dedicate her full-time to making her franchise as successful as possible.

Financial information

The franchise fee is £7,500 plus VAT of which a minimum personal investment of £2,500 is required. As well as the franchise and monthly licence fee, you’ll need to pay an ongoing royalty fee of 11% of gross sales monthly.

To ensure that you have the opportunity to own and operate a lucrative franchise, you’ll be granted access to an exclusive territory that will have at least 30,000 primary-aged children within it. This franchise business opportunity can see you achieving a turnover of around £95,000 by the end of your second year. All that’s needed is hard work, determination and a commitment to making your franchise a success.

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