Starting a Franchise for Every Personality Type: The Multi-Tasker

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In this article we’ll look at how many franchise opportunities can fit perfectly into an already busy work schedule, supplement a part-time career or slot in alongside a buzzing personal or family life. Read on to get informed about franchising flexibility, the benefits of part-time franchises and the best franchise opportunities for a multi-tasker personality type.

Some of us are born with an exceptional capacity for doing lots of things at once: the multi-taskers. If you are one of these lucky individuals, it’s likely you’re looking for your next challenge that can be balanced alongside the million projects you’re currently involved in.

We all want to be as productive as possible and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. If you’re someone whose work life has space for even more endeavours, then investing in one of our franchises may be the perfect addition.

Part-time franchises

One of the most attractive aspects of running a part-time franchise is just how flexible the opportunity is. Besides the conveniently adjustable schedule you’ll enjoy, there are so many amazing upsides to running a part-time franchise.

One major advantage of a flexible timetable is just how much more you can squeeze into your day around it. Without set working hours, you can design your week to suit what’s going on in your life, adjusting how much time you spend on your franchise each day (or even week) around other business ventures.

This makes a part-time franchise ideal for those who already have a job that they love or a company that they run. As long as you’re confident you’ve got enough time across the week to commit to the franchise opportunity, you’ll be able to work your new venture around everything else.

Part-time franchises are also ideal for anyone who is studying, as they’re so flexible and easy to run alongside your course. Whether you’re a mum or dad heading back to school but need income to keep the family going, or an ambitious student with few contact hours looking for something more flexible than bar or shop work, a part-time franchise could be the ideal solution.

Another benefit of investing in a part-time franchise is that the majority of part-time franchise opportunities can be operated from the comfort of your own home, cutting out the commute and letting you work to your own schedule.

Part-time franchise opportunities on Point Franchise

Here are some of our top part-time franchises that can be operated from the comfort of your home:


Auditel is a cost management business that was established in 1994. It set out to help businesses understand the tariffs and service offerings that emerged after the utilities markets were deregulated.

  • Becoming an Auditel franchisee: In being part of this business, you’d be supporting over 3,000 large and medium-sized organisations across the UK and Ireland in more than 100 areas of business expenditure. Being able to work from home means that you can join this franchise with just a desk, a computer, a phone and access to the internet. To find out more about joining the franchise, get in touch.
  • How much you need to invest: A minimum investment of £20,000 and a total investment of £37,950 is required.
  • What you get for your investment: Access to all of Auditel’s support team, a comprehensive suite of training and the chance to earn an impressive income from this flexible franchise opportunity.


This home-based business may be of interest if you want to work in the care sector. Your role within the franchise would be to support individuals and their families to choose carers who will provide care 24/7, as supplied by the franchise. Promedica 24 aspires to provide clients with the most genuine care possible while attending appropriately to their specific needs.

  • Becoming a Promedica 24 franchisee: There's no need to worry if you've never worked in this sector before. As a Promedica 24 franchisee, you won't be responsible for delivering the care yourself. To sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: In order to become a Promedica24 franchisee, you will need a minimum investment of £1,000 and a total investment of £40,000.
  • What you get for your investment: You'll receive expert marketing support and access to bespoke CRM systems.


Aspray is recognised as one of the UK’s franchise leaders in the property claims handling industry. It specialises in building repairs and insurance claims management, bridging the gap between the claimant and insurer during negotaitions.

  • Becoming an Aspray franchisee: If you become part of this franchise, you’ll support clients when they need it most. You’ll specialise in project managing property damage insurance claims from inception to completion of repairs. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest : A minimum investment of £15,000 and a total investment of £37,500 is required.
  • What you get for your investment: You'll get high-quality training, admin support and marketing help. You'll also be able to attend regional meetings and national conferences to upgrade your skills and expertise.

Seasonal franchises

Many part-time franchises fall into the ‘seasonal franchise’ category, and only operate for a few months of the year. This could be the case if a franchise prepares its Christmas stock up to a year in advance to maximise revenue during the autumn and January sales periods. With this system in place, you will be able to prepare supplies and recruit and train staff well in advance of the operating season.

One seasonal franchise in keeping with this time of year is Christmas Decorators franchise:

Christmas Decorators

Christmas Decorators takes pride in being the only Christmas Company of its kind in the UK. It has offices around the country that offers its service to most towns and cities. With a professional and dedicated team already on board, it ensures that its decorating services exceeds all client expectations. Franchising started in 2007 and now Christmas Decorators has franchises in 20 areas across the UK and Ireland.

  • Becoming a Christmas Decorators franchisee: By joining the franchise, you'll benefit from the highest standard of Christmas decorations and lights. Your clients will include top hotels, restaurants and prestigious retail and event venues.
  • How much you need to invest: You will need a minimum investment of £7,600 to start your Christmas Decorators franchise. You will also be required to pay a 5% royalty fee and 1% marketing development and assistance fund.
  • What you get for your investment: Becoming a Christmas Decorators franchisee offers excellent income potential. In exchange for your investment, you can expect the full support and assistance of management. At the onset, you will receive a 4-Day Quick Start Training which will cover technical/installation instruction, business planning, seasonal transition assistance, and sales training. Franchisees also receive complete sales and marketing program. You will also be given hands-on training on the Christmas Decor Industry software. In addition, you can expect 365/24/7 technical support. You will have access to exclusive LED products and 24/7 online ordering.

Multi-task your way to multi-profits

Whether it’s through a part-time franchise to go alongside your other commitments, or a seasonal franchise to keep you occupied for part of the year, starting a franchise business is very well suited to the multi-tasker who likes to take on various projects at once.

If you are interested in seeing how a franchise business could be the perfect addition to your already busy schedule, get in touch today and click here to see our full list of franchise opportunities.

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