Starting a Franchise for Every Personality Type: The Homebody

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In this series, we’ve been linking franchising options to different personality types, so that you can see what kind of franchise business might work for you. Read on to find out more about the ideal franchises for people who love staying cozy at home.

While the prospect of franchising can be seen as adventurous and out-there, we know that many people prefer activities that centre around home life.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous about going out and starting your own business, you can do it from the comfort of your own house with a home-based franchise.

In this article we’ll look at some of the benefits to working from home and running a home-based franchise, as well as highlight some of our top opportunities for you to make the most of on familiar territory.

Working from home

In the UK, over four million people - or 13 percent of the working population - choose to work from home (Office for National Statistics). This is an increase of 800,000 people in the last ten years and is a trend that’s expected to continue .

Four million-that's how many people in the UK work from home.

Having your home as your workplace eliminates many of the costs and restrictions that come with starting your own business, so if you are somebody who enjoys working in your own space, it could be perfect for you.

Here are some benefits to working from home for your franchising venture:

Benefits of working from home

  • No time spent on commuting to and from the workplace, you can just wake up and begin your work for the day from bed if you wish!
  • An improved work-life balance can be achieved. Working from home enables you to more easily fit in family occasions or social affairs that you otherwise may have missed out on.
  • No office or retail space expenses to shell out on. Operating a home-based business comes with very few overheads. Not only do you save on rental costs saved, but also office equipment and furniture aren’t required.
  • You can often choose your own hours, working whenever and for however long you like. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you can pick when is best for you to work around any other obligations you may have.
  • There are no geographical limits, allowing you to work with clients from across the UK or even abroad. Without a set location to hold you back or tie you to one territory, you can choose to make your business as big or as small as you want by defining the size of your customer base.
  • Be your own boss - there’s no need to worry about missing out on benefits or not progressing fast enough in your career because you’ll be your own boss! Running your own business, you’re free to focus on developing at your own pace.

If those pros to working from home appeal to you, here are some of our top work-from-home franchise opportunities here on Point Franchise.

Work-from-home franchise opportunities

1. Auditel

Auditel is a cost management business that was established in 1994 to help clients understand the tariffs and service offerings that emerged after the utilities markets were deregulated. As part of this business, you’d be supporting over 3,000 large and medium-sized organisations across the UK and Ireland in more than 100 areas of business expenditure. Being able to work from home means you can join this franchise with just a desk, a computer, a phone and access to the internet.

Auditel offer a five-year mentoring programme, which consists of 78 training days per year, strong supporting teams, sales mentoring programmes, and a comprehensive training programme available to two people.

A minimum investment of £20,000 and a total investment of £37,950 is required.

2. Promedica24

This home-based business may be of interest if you have the empathy and compassion to work in the care sector. Your role within the franchise would be to support individuals and their families to choose carers who will provide care 24/7, as supplied by the franchise. Promedica24 aspires to provide clients with the most genuine care possible while attending appropriately to their specific needs.

With accessible initial investment and running costs, you work from home and will be up and running quickly. Being able to purely focus on building your own business, there are no limits and you are fully backed by Promedica24’s experienced business development and marketing expertise.

In order to become a Promedica24 franchisee, you will need a minimum investment of £1,000 and a total investment of £40,000.

3. Techclean

Techclean provides professional IT equipment cleaning and have become the UK’s leading specialists in system hygiene. Techclean strives to be a customer-centric business offering advice and practical solutions to customers. The organisation is recognised as being an authority in this sector with robust cleaning processes and procedures using products unique to Techclean.

As a franchisee, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive business set-up package which includes, but is not limited to, a license to trade, training – both at Head Office and with existing franchisees, a comprehensive Marketing Launch Programme and extensive start-up supplies and equipment.

In order to set up your own Techclean business, you’ll need a minimum investment of £19,500.

4. Tubz Vending

Tubz is a leader in the industry and is proud to be the number one snack tower vending franchise across the UK and Europe. The brand has a wealth of knowledge behind it, which will ensure franchisees feel confident running their business. There are over 300 franchisees making the most of its attractive franchise package.

It isn’t a requirement to have experience in the industry, as comprehensive training and ongoing support is provided as standard. There is also a two-year guarantee on equipment, a dedicated customer manager and 24/7 engineer support, and you can work at home to name a few of the perks.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you will need to make a total investment of only £2,995.

Happy at home

If you work best where you feel at home, there are a wealth of franchise opportunities that are suited to you. Stepping into a franchising adventure can be done without even leaving your front doorstep.

Franchising is a flexible option for starting your own business, which can easily fit around what works for you. Click here to see our full list of franchise opportunities and get in touch today to begin your journey to becoming your own boss – all from the comfort of your home.

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