6 Advantages of Running a Landscaping Franchise

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Got green fingers and an eye for business? Landscaping could be perfect for you. From tree stump removal to driveway design, there are a huge variety of business models to explore. Here, we look at the advantages of running a landscaping business.

Before we get into the benefits of joining the landscaping sector, let’s just clear up exactly what it involves. We all know what gardening is, but how exactly does landscaping differ? 

Well, it usually refers to professional services carrying out a large project on a residential, commercial or public outdoor space. There’s normally a lengthy design process and the work is led by skilled landscape architects. The final result should achieve a specific aesthetic look or fulfil a purpose. 

Here’s why landscape franchises make excellent opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. 

Advantages of starting a landscaping franchise business

1. The industry is on the up 

The landscaping services industry is highly profitable and experiencing steady growth. There are several reasons for the sector’s impressive performance in recent years, but here are three of the main factors: 

  • Homeowners live busy lives and many don’t have the time, skill or energy to take care of their garden. Landscaping requires hard labour and a fair amount of passion for plants, so many people like to outsource the job. 
  • In today’s economic climate, lots of people are opting to make improvements to their current home rather than move house, which increases demand for services like landscaping. 
  • The benefits of being close to nature are becoming more widely understood and businesses are increasingly recognising the value of creating calming outdoor spaces for their staff. 

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2. There are repeat business opportunities

New property developments like hotels, hospitals, schools and sports facilities will always rely on the services of a landscaping business to create practical and beautiful outdoor areas. Once you’ve proven you can deliver high-quality work, you may be able to land a contract for multiple projects. 

There’s lots of potential for ongoing business partnerships in the landscaping franchise sector and, depending on the franchise you join, you may be able to collaborate with other corporations. 

3. You can offer a range of different services

Landscaping comprises a wide variety of business types, so you could specialise in one area or offer a broad range of services. The sector involves everything from basic tasks like mowing, weeding and garden clearing, to more advanced jobs like installing fences, driveways and even ponds. 

If the franchise you join allows its franchisees to branch out into other areas, you could diversify your offering by selling gardening products or running informative workshops, for example. You could even foster community spirit by providing free landscaping services to those who are unable to tend to their own garden. 

4. You can develop a niche

Depending on the franchise you invest in and how much freedom you have, you might be able to build on your own values and move into a specific area of landscaping. For instance, if you’re passionate about sustainability, you could focus on environmental protection projects. Or, if you want to create something for the local children, why not specialise in school playground designs? 

By taking a carefully considered route in the landscaping industry, you should be able to set up a business you enjoy running for years to come. If you’re enthusiastic about completing your work to a high standard, you’ll not only be rewarded with customer satisfaction, but your own personal sense of fulfilment too. 

5. You can step away from your desk

Many office workers would love to have the chance to step outside during the day, and landscaping franchise owners have this luxury. If you set up a business, you’ll be able to visit clients to discuss their projects and meet new people on a regular basis. And if you complete jobs yourself as opposed to hiring contractors, you can spend even more time in the great outdoors. 

Although working outside can have its disadvantages when the weather is bad, you’ll be able to enjoy your job all the more during the glorious summer months. Not many people can say they get to spend the working week outside when the sun’s shining. 

6. Working outside has lots of health benefits 

You don’t need to be a doctor to know you’ll burn a lot of calories working outside. In fact, experts say you can counteract the effects of 87 mars bars a year just by doing light gardening jobs like raking and weeding for an hour a week (HTA)! In short, carrying out landscaping projects will keep you fit and healthy. 

But it’s not just your physical health you can improve by joining a landscaping franchise business; getting fresh air is also great for your mental wellbeing. Spending time in nature and focussing on plants and wildlife will help you clear your head and keep you feeling positive. 

The state of the gardening sector

People will always want to create attractive and functional outdoor spaces, whether they’re for personal or business use. At the moment, the average household spends around £150 per year on their garden, but the horticulture and landscaping industry as a whole generates over £24 billion annually. Across the UK, more than 568,000 people work in the sector - that’s equivalent to one in every 62 jobs! 


According to industry research, eight in 10 British adults have access to a private garden, and more than half of us say we get pleasure from our outdoor space. So, there’s plenty of potential for landscaping franchise businesses to see success across the UK. 


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Point Franchise has a range of landscaping franchise opportunities across a number of different sub-sectors. To find your perfect opportunity, you can sort the list in order of investment cost, and click on each franchise to find out more about getting involved. 

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