Start a winning franchise with Award Leisure.

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Start a winning franchise with Award Leisure.

The home leisure industry has experienced rapid growth over the last two decades. As disposable incomes have risen, customers have become more interested in developing their own homes to benefit from luxurious, in-house leisure experiences. Award Leisure have been taking advantage of this boom in demand for over 30 years and have recently decided to adopt the franchise model to facilitate expansion. With an incredible range of products and a reputation for excellent customer service, theyre in the unique position of becoming the UKs number one home leisure franchise. Here, we take a look at what makes them such an attractive investment opportunity for those considering opening a franchise.


Award Leisure

can trace its origins back to 1984 when their first spas and leisure products business was opened. Since then, the company has moved through a number of iterations and experienced constant expansion, as well as a few name changes. In 2017, Awards Leisure was launched as the vehicle for the companys adoption of the franchise model. It did so with the aim of opening at least 50 new franchise units over the coming years. This initial expansion period is set for completion in 2021. With a history of award-winning service and industry recognition, the company's new name Award Leisure is indeed apt. Having been honoured by Which? magazine and numerous different industry award bodies, its clear that the franchise understands what it takes to succeed in the leisure industry.

Industry Context

The home leisure industry is booming, and businesses in the sector are experiencing an incredible upswing in customer interest. In 2016, the market expanded 20% in one year, though Award Leisure outpaced the market and grew at a much faster rate. Award Leisure have benefitted from a growing number of customers who are interested in upgrading their garden and sharing leisure experiences with family and friends. Customers range in age from young 20-year-olds looking to enhance their new home or rental to 80-year-olds who make use of the therapeutic benefits of some of our products. At Award Leisure, the average sale is worth £10,000, ensuring

that franchisees

have a good chance of turning a substantial profit.

Franchise basics

Award Leisure specialises in the sale of outdoor, luxury leisure items. This includes spas, hot tubs, gazebos, and wood-fired ovens, amongst other things. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Award Leisure have developed a complete understanding of what customers want, need and demand from such a retailer. Its also given them time to perfect robust and effective sales and marketing processes, as well as the experience required to evolve the business in keeping with the latest trends and industry developments. Now achieving 30% year on year business growth, the company is poised to realise its national potential by adopting the franchise model.

What is the minimum level of investment required?

To invest in a new Award Leisure franchise, applicants will need to raise a total initial investment in the region of £83,000 - £100,000. This includes the £21,500 franchise fee, the entire business premises fitting, and other associated startup costs. The retail franchise also offers three different levels of investment, allowing prospective franchisees to tailor their new unit to meet their financial requirements. The franchise has also partnered with Barclays Bank to offer franchisees financing options, should you need to borrow to part-fund the new unit. As an accredited member of the British Franchising Association (bfa), Award Leisure have been certified as an ethically and financially responsible franchise that investors can work with in confidence.

What do you get in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, youll be granted the rights to trade under the Award Leisure brand name and utilise its brand image. Each franchisee is given a protected territory in which to operate and provided with a turn-key business solution. This includes support finding a location and preparing it for opening day, assistance in crafting a business and financing plan, and the provision of marketing materials.

All franchisees are enrolled on the Award Leisure training programme, which covers the basics of business management, technical systems, sales strategies, in-depth product knowledge, administration processes, digital software use, and financial practices. This is combined with a significant amount of information contained in the franchise's operations manual. All of this assistance is part of Award Leisure's stated commitment to ensuring all franchisees have the tools required to make their new business a success.

The franchise also offers ongoing support and assistance to franchisees once a new unit is up and running. This includes further training courses, additional marketing materials and guidance, and a performance-driven rewards scheme. Award Leisure consider the development and maintenance of a productive and happy


/franchisee relationship to be an essential component of any profitable franchise.

What kind of franchisee is Award Leisure looking for?

As franchisees will be operating in a managerial role, no previous experience of the leisure industry is required. Instead, Award leisure are looking for someone with the determination and drive to make their new business an unqualified success. This means displaying a passion for the franchise and its stated aims, and a long-term commitment to your new franchise unit. Previous experience in sales and management roles will be useful, though its by no means necessary to become an Award Leisure franchisee. If you can demonstrate your management abilities, your capacity for clear communication, and a firm grasp of business fundamentals, theres a good chance youll be a perfect fit for the franchise.


Award Leisure have a lot going for them. The growth of the home leisure market has provided them with an opportunity to become one of the most profitable franchises in the country and to quickly develop their franchise network. At the same time, their experience of the industry and their unique product expertise allows them to offer an unbeatable service. The fact that the franchise is yet to fully develop also makes for an attractive and exciting investment opportunity for anyone that wants to get in on the ground level.


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