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30/01/2019 18:00 | Sport franchises

Swimming School Franchise

Come on in, the water’s lovely! If you have a passion for swimming, why not make it your career as well as your hobby? The popularity in swimming has exploded in recent years, and with the success of Team GB’s swimming squad at the Olympics, and the huge interest in wild swimming for both physical and mental wellbeing, there’s never been a better time to become a swimming instructor.

Almost every town in the UK has a swimming pool or lido, and we’re a nation of water babies. However, there are still a lot of people who find getting into the water difficult – both young and old.

A recent BBC article highlighted the fact that many adults have never learnt to swim or struggle with swimming. However, for those who take the plunge (so to speak), the sheer pleasure of learning to swim opens up a whole new lifestyle for them.

A vital life skill

It’s also a hugely important life skill. A human being can easily drown in just a few inches of water, so learning to swim (even if you’re not planning to take part in a triathlon any time soon) could quite literally be a lifesaver the next time you’re at the beach or on holiday.

Talking of triathlons – competitive swimming has taken on a whole new lease of life as people of all ages and abilities push themselves to the limit by taking part in local triathlons which, inevitably, include a swimming section. Don’t worry if that’s the bit you dread the most: even the elite athletes fear the swim section!

So with all these positive reasons to dip your toe in the water, it’s no surprise that the demand for good swimming instructors has never been higher. If swimming is your passion, then perhaps it’s time you thought about taking on a swimming franchise of your own in 2019.

How does it work?

No, you don’t need your own pool, as the majority of local public pools are open to talking to franchise holders about running lessons. However, you will need to be qualified before you sign up your first pupils. With swimming school franchises, that’s all part of the initial training so don’t worry if you’re not yet qualified – your franchisor will help you get all the training and certification you need. That will also include lifesaving and first aid training, as well as business management and promotion.

One of our favourite swimming franchises and one of the most popular in the UK is Angela’s Swim School. For an initial investment of £22,000 and an overall investment of £50,000, you can train to become a fully qualified swimming instructor and run your own school (either teaching yourself or employing other instructors to teach for you). Angela’s Swim school is BFA accredited and has an excellent reputation across the country for providing high-quality teaching for both adults and youngsters, as well as specialised instruction for disabled swimmers.

If you haven’t quite got the money for an Angela’s Swim School franchise, then a low initial investment option is Water Babies. This great little franchise will only cost you a £5,000 initial buy-in fee (with a total investment of £25,000) and is one of the fastest growing swimming franchises in the UK. It specialises in teaching babies and parents together to enjoy the water, and is proving to be hugely popular – so much so that it won Gold Winner in the BFA HSB Franchisor Of The Year Awards 2016. You’ll get 300 hours of training to become a swim teacher specialising in toddlers and babies, as well as marketing and promotion support.

Is it just a passing fad?

The trouble with a lot of sports is that they can become a little ‘faddy’ – popular for a short while but then becoming a little bit ‘last year’. With swimming, that isn’t the case, and the huge surge in interest for wild swimming and swimming for mental health wellness has emphasised just how beneficial this activity can be. It’s also a sport that’s incredibly inclusive: no matter how young or old you are, you can always learn to swim. It’s a low-impact activity, which means even those with back problems, for example, or those who suffer from joint pain can swim and stay active without putting undue stress on their bodies.

The benefits of swimming make it popular with all ages, which is why we think it’s one of the most exciting sports franchise opportunities for 2019. If you’re interested to see what other sports franchises we recommend then take a look at our Train the next generation with a Progressive Sports franchise article, which will take you through sports coaching for children and young adult opportunities. Alternatively, read our Top Fitness Franchises in the UK article to find out what other sports-based franchises are on offer.


We predict that this year’s big sports franchise winner is going to be swimming. With the huge increase in interest around swimming for both physical and mental health and the rising popularity of wild swimming, there’s never been a better time to turn your hobby into your career. The increase in the number of people taking part in triathlons has also meant a significant boost to the swimming industry, as even elite athletes need training and coaching for the swim section of an event.

Swimming is also a very important life skill, and learning could mean the difference between life and death in the water. So while other sports may become popular for a while and then drop off, swimming seems to be one of those that stay the course.

Swimming franchises are usually low-initial investment opportunities, which means they’re affordable for almost anyone. You’ll receive far more training than many other sports franchises, as you have to qualify as a registered swimming instructor before you can start teaching. Some franchises also specialise in teaching babies and toddlers, while others will include adult and disabled swimmers training. It all depends on what you want to specialise in, and how much effort you want to put into your business.

There are also plenty of alternatives to swimming franchises, and with everyone being encouraged to become more active and the benefits of exercise on mental wellbeing now being emphasised, it’s a great time to turn your passion into a profitable business venture with a sports franchise.

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