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Aireserv franchise uk information

Since 1992, Aire Serv has built a reputation for providing high-quality heating and cooling services to customers up and down the country.

With more than 200 franchises located around the world, when you join this business, youll be part of an established network of fellow franchisees. Along with the support of your peers, youll also receive first-class training and guidance to help you achieve franchise success.

The market is stable too, with almost all properties in the UK needing heating and cooling. With Aire Serv you have the opportunity to grow your own multi-van business, serving domestic and commercial customers in your area. Youll also:

  • Build a profitable business
  • Have all the necessary support on hand to make your business as successful as possible
  • Receive ongoing personal development
  • Become part of an exciting and growing international network of franchisees
  • Grow a lucrative business which can be sold for a profit in the future

Sound good? Heres more information about the franchise opportunity.

Whats required?

Aire Serv has a clear set of principles that they follow, and they select franchisees who share the same ethics:

  • Integrity Aire Serv believe that franchise success is a result of franchisees going over and above their customers expectations when it comes to service quality. Their ideal business partner always acts with integrity and puts the customer first.
  • Determination Only passionate and dedicated candidates should apply to join this ambitious company. Prospective franchisees must be serious about building a profitable and successful business.
  • Financially stable An essential requirement for those thinking of investing in an Aire Serv franchise is to have the appropriate capital to be able to do so. Although this is a low investment high return franchise, working capital is still needed, as well as the franchise fee, to fund the business from launch to profitability.

While its preferred that franchisees have a background in the trade, there are options available for less experienced franchisees to open an Aire Serv franchise if they then recruit a team of appropriately trained and qualified employees.

Benefits of joining Aire Serv

When you join the Aire Serv franchise, you become part of a worldwide network. As part of the Dwyer Group, Aire Serv is in good company. Dwyer Group also heads many other UK franchise success stories including Mr Electric, Drain Doctor, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance and Bright & Beautiful.

This means that you'll join over 2,800 franchises worldwide that serve more than 2.5 million customers every year. You won't just have the advantage of being part of a vast network of franchisees in 10 countries, but you'll also benefit from:

  • Comprehensive training and support Aire Serv has a support office based in the UK with a dedicated team to help you as and when you need it. With extensive initial training and quality ongoing support, youll learn all the skills necessary to be a lucrative franchisee.
  • Access to innovative technology As an Aire Serv franchisee, youll benefit from access to brand new systems and technology which will help you to work more efficiently. This will make your business more straightforward to run and profit easier to achieve. And to stay one step ahead of competitors, Aire Serv invests in ongoing research so that you'll always have access to exciting new systems that are available to make your business more efficient.

Case Study

Doug Mulcahy has worked in the gas heating industry for 31 years. Firstly, working at British Gas where he completed his apprenticeship, and then working in his own business.

Although Doug enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss, as his business started to grow he became overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility that came part and parcel of being a business owner. He started off as a sole trader and made good money as an engineer, but as more work came in, he needed to employ more technicians. Managing the business and employees at the same time as trying to grow the business further was a lot of pressure.

And, this is what attracted Doug to Aire Serv. Becoming a franchisee in an industry that he was very experienced and qualified in, enabled him to enjoy the benefits of being part of a reputable brand while still being the boss. Doug has been very impressed with the systems, marketing, and sales support that hes received.

Being part of Aire Serv has also opened Doug's eyes to the gap in the market that the franchise brand can fill. Working in London, Doug is surrounded by lots of small independent businesses or big corporate brands. Doug believes that customers are starting to distrust the more recognisable brands in the gas industry but are uncertain about hiring an engineer that is effectively a one-man band'. Aire Serv can fill this niche, and with the innovative ideas that they bring to the industry, they have the opportunity to step in and compete with the very best.

Doug is optimistic about the future and has plans to become profitable and grow quickly. Within three years, Doug wants to recruit eight additional engineers to help him expand his business, and within five years, he has ambitions to exceed what he was turning over in his own business.

Doug is so happy that he invested in an Aire Serv franchise and wants to share the benefits of being part of a network of franchisees while having the support of a proven business to all his self-employed friends.

Financial information

To buy an Aire Serv franchise, youll need to make a minimum investment of £11,400. This low investment high return franchise has a business model that has been honed to help you achieve profitability.

Including working capital, a total investment of £38,000 plus VAT is needed to get your business up and running. Proof that this is a low investment high return franchise, each franchisee has the opportunity to achieve a turnover of over £1 million.

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