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Top Fitness Franchises in the UK

Originally posted on 20/09/2017. Updated on 07/04/2019. For many of us, the list of reasons for not going to the gym is nearly as exhaustive as the benefits of exercising. Expensive membership fees, complicated machinery and feeling intimated are the most-u [...]

Top Golf Franchise in the UK

Golf is a popular club-and-ball sport with many benefits. You can play it your whole life - you dont have to be particularly fit and its low impact, so it doesnt have a negative impact on the body. Also, golf is an outdoor sport so you can get plenty of f [...]

Do Sports Direct Franchise?

Sports clothing and footwear have grown into seriously lucrative industries. Athleisure (sporty clothes that can be worn both for working out and relaxing) is estimated to be worth around £2.5billion, with retailers from budget to high-end boutique get [...]

Planet Fitness - Can you start a franchise in the UK?

It is a brand-new year, and a popular time for resolutions to start fresh and embark on a journey to a new and improved, healthier you. Health, wellness, looking and feeling your best- these things have always been on trend; attractive to people of all ages. [...]

Swimming School Franchises: Start Your Own in 2019

Come on in, the waters lovely! If you have a passion for swimming, why not make it your career as well as your hobby? The popularity in swimming has exploded in recent years, and with the success of Team GBs swimming squad at the Olympics, and the huge [...]

Sports Coaching Companies - What Franchises Are There?

  Its the New Year, and you can pretty much guarantee that every single gym, spin class, swimming pool and yoga class will be subscribed up to the limit. Its part and parcel of our New Year, New Me commitment that we take 1st January as our cue to [...]

Get a Football Coaching Job by Starting a Franchise

If youve got a passion for the beautiful game and dream of one day making a career out of coaching, a football franchise may be your best chance of realising your ambition. With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to take a more in-depth look at [...]

Start Your Own Kids Rugby Coaching Business with a Franchise

Rugby is a remarkably popular sport across the entirety of the United Kingdom. Though it's regularly played in schools, there are relatively few chances for younger children to get involved in the game. However, that's all changed with the emergence of [...]

Outdoor Fitness: Start Your Own Fitness Business!

Theres no denying the health benefits that come from regular exercise. Being physically fit helps to prevent heart disease, improves mood, reduces stress, enhances sleep, plus much, much more. According to NHS guidelines, to stay healthy, adults should do [...]

HIIT - Discover HIIT Fitness Franchise

If youre into health and well-being and have considered opening a fitness franchise, theres a good chance you will have heard about HIIT. However, despite it being fairly ubiquitous, not everyone understands what HIIT is, how it benefits individuals, or wh [...]

24/7 Fitness Own a Fitness Franchise

If youre looking to start a fitness franchise that attracts a diverse crowd and provides users with all the flexibility they need, a 24/7 gym may be the business for you. With demand for 24/7 fitness services at an all-time high, there's plenty of opportuni [...]

Get Fit, Get Social with a One Element Franchise

In recent years, the fitness industry has gone from strength to strength. One Element has capitalised on the growing demand for fitness classes and brought something entirely new to the table. Here, we take a look at what makes them such an exciting franchis [...]

Forbes reveals 100 top-earning athletes: Is there money in sports franchises?

Forbes Magazine has recently revealed the names of the 100 top-earning athletes in the world, and it consists of some unbelievable numbers. The most significant number of all is the combined total that the 100 athletes earned in 2017, coming in at a whopping [...]

Fitness Franchises Are Growing: Heres Why

Fitness franchises are some of the fastest growing franchises in the world. In 2016, according to GrowthBusiness, Anytime Fitness outpaced McDonalds to become the fastest growing franchise on the planet and the number of fitness facilities in the UK rose to [...]