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Shakeaway is the world’s largest milkshake bar company. The franchise boasts an impressive menu with limitless combination possibilities. Customers can enjoy a selection of milkshakes, hot beverages including teas, coffees, hot chocolate (even hot milkshakes), nutritional/low-fat shakes, frozen yoghurt shakes, fruit smoothies, dairy and gluten-free shakes, reduced sugar shakes, protein powder shakes and even shaved-ice pots served with fresh fruit.

The menu items on offer are regularly adapted to ensure customers an endless choice. On top of this, customers can purchase their own unique creations, mixing and matching a choice of more than 180 fresh ingredients, such as chocolate bars and fruit, which are individually blended while you wait.

With almost 20 years of experience under its belt, Shakeaway currently operates 33 stores in the UK and four stores internationally, with plans to expand into seven further territories including South Africa, India and Thailand.

Shakeaway Franchise Cost

Investors looking to benefit from an established business in the food and drink industry should look no further than the fine-tuned Shakeaway business model that has seen success across the globe. Potential franchisees can choose between working towards operating one franchise, or building their own ‘Shakeaway Empire’ and becoming a master franchisee, responsible for the management of a collection of outlets in a region.

Franchisees should find a site of between 800 and 1,000 square feet and be prepared to make a minimum investment of £50,000, rising to a total investment of £100,000. Shakeaway also requires £25,000 in franchise fees, but offers extensive franchisee support and guidance by experienced Shakeaway team members.

Shakeaway Franchise Profit

Although there is no specific information on the profit franchisees can expect to make after opening their own Shakeaway outlet(s), the brand has a number of programmes and measures in place to ensure that new and existing stores flourish, building on the company’s 20 years of success.

Shakeaway’s dedicated Master Franchise Programme will support investors who choose to manage a selection of Shakeaway stores. Property selection support, design fit-out, staff recruitment, marketing administration and full training are all provided for both future franchisees and their chosen workforce. The milkshake franchise is proud to stand behind their franchisees every step of the way, and offer ongoing support by selected business management.

In addition to this, franchisees will benefit from Shakeaway’s established low-cost marketing programme which aims to increase brand awareness and boost sales. As a market leader, Shakeaway has also been able to boost awareness thanks to partnerships with prominent companies such as Sony, Paramount, Nestlé and National UK Radio 1.

Shakeaway also encourages customer involvement with its own television station depicting product selection, local and national promotions and Shakeaway event photographs. The company has also developed a 10-hour interactive radio station show, which is available to franchisees in any language and adapted to local preferences.

Shakeaway’s website and social media platforms also help to boost customer footfall, with individual Facebook pages for every store updated daily with fresh local and national news. Even those walking past a Shakeaway store will be tempted to pop in, thanks to the on-street tasters offered by employees wearing Shakeaway’s famous Cupman costume.

Other Milkshake Franchise Opportunities

Milkshakes seem to be ever-popular in the UK and abroad, with customers flocking to milkshake stores, ice-cream parlours, bakeries - and any other shops that sells them - all year round. While Shakeaway sees success as a franchise that puts the milkshake first, there are plenty of other franchises on the Point Franchise books that sell milkshakes alongside other products:

Baskin Robbins

As an industry leader, Baskin Robbins serves milkshakes, smoothies and fruit creams alongside a huge selection of ice cream. Like Shakeaway customers can build their own milkshake, Baskin Robbins customers can build their own sundaes. The ice cream giant also takes an innovative approach to its offerings, boasting hand-packed, mousse-textured ice creams and pioneering the use of traditional dessert ingredients like apple pie and cheesecake.

Founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, the business has over 7,300 stores across almost 50 countries. Franchisees looking for a piece of the action should be willing to make a total investment of £500,000. In return, investors will receive help in sourcing suitable site locations, as well as guidance in operational support, management systems, food safety, and health and safety. What’s more, quarterly franchisee meetings provide an opportunity to network with and learn from other franchisees on a regular basis.


First and foremost a bakery chain (as its name suggests), Cinnabon offers a delicious pastry selection, but also has an extensive drinks menu which includes lemonades, hot and iced coffees, hot chocolates and blended, frozen ‘chillattas’.

Cinnabon started its journey in 1985 in SeaTac Mall, Seattle, offering a fine-tuned cinnamon roll recipe to the people of Washington. Since then, the bakery has built on its success and can now be found in 50 countries worldwide. Those interested in franchising with this brand will need to make an initial investment of £23,000 and a total investment of between £140,000 and £250,000.

Cinnabon is also looking for a master franchisee who is interested in managing more than one store. Anyone who joins the bakery franchise will receive training and guidance in operations, marketing and PR, as well as ongoing support. Franchisees will be visited on a regular basis, and inspections will help to identify the individual franchise’s weakest points, so that improvements can be made.


Established in 2004, this crepe franchise sells a range of milkshakes and smoothies alongside its sweet and savoury crepe selection. With 15 stores in the UK, Crêpeaffaire also has an international presence, with a store in the Netherlands, a store in Saudi Arabia (with three more to come), and three in Kuwait.

For a total investment of £200,000 and franchise fees of £16,000, investors gain access to Crepeaffaire’s support programme, which includes guidance with site selection and design, as well as marketing. Ongoing support will ensure the success of the franchisee’s new store.

The potential benefits to joining the Crêpeaffaire model include its ability to operate on small sites without an expensive kitchen installation. By tapping into the large, day-long customer base associated with a ‘snacking’ products, you are always likely to have people walking through the door in search of both hot and cold delicacies.

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