Sector Spotlight: How to Run an Interior Decorating Franchise From Home

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You might think interior decoration is reliant on site visits, sample shopping and face-to-face discussions. But modern technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to work remotely. Here’s how to run an interior decorating franchise from home.

As most of us are spending more time at home than ever before, it’s only natural we’re scrutinising our surroundings and making the decision to get cracking with renovation plans. From affordable advisory sessions to complete home redesigns, interior decorating franchises are seeing a noticeable increase in work. 

Thanks to ever-improving technology, many firms have been able to move their service online and continue providing excellent value for money. Some have even been able to maximise their workflow by cutting out time-consuming site visits. Keep reading for our best tips on how to run an interior decorating franchise from home.

As long as we have access to a plan and clear images of the space in question, our process remains largely unchanged.

Fran Hickman, Design & Interiors

Running a home-based interior decorating franchise

Here’s how the process can work: Clients send photos of their space, as well as its dimensions. Over video call, they explain their requirements and vision for the room and ask any questions about the process. Then, the interior designer can get to work finding suitable supplies and furniture. The expert can either send examples of their collected materials to the client or oversee the entire process, from design to installation. 

Home-based interior designers can: 

  • Use technology to their advantage - Make the most of video call platforms to discuss plans with clients and show any samples or photo inspiration you’ve gathered. You could even use screenshare tools to give clients a real insight into the design process.

  • Maximise their efficiency - Cutting out travel to properties and supplies stores can save a lot of time, which you can put towards new projects. 

Tips on how to run an interior decorating franchise from home

Be prepared - You can make sure your client video calls run as efficiently as possible by asking your customers to provide key information beforehand. Then, you’ll have the chance to get an overview of the project, identify potential issues and prepare some questions ahead of time. 

I ask clients to send through any key information ahead of the call, and also to send through a video walk-through of the spaces in question over WhatsApp. This gives me some basic background before we get started, and I definitely feel that this helps to make the most of the session.

– Lonika Chande

Diversify your offering - Moving your interior decorating business online could give you the chance to expand into sub-sectors you hadn’t previously considered.

Decide how you’ll run your online business - It’s worth making sure you operate consistently if you’re to maintain a reputation for professionalism. Think about which method of communication you’ll use, such as Skype, Zoom, phone calls or email. Also, how regularly will you talk to clients and how long will each session last?

Keep communication going - Any successful business moving their services online must adapt their working processes. While you’re not meeting clients or suppliers in person, you’ll need to find other ways of communicating. Here’s how Lauren Czarniecki from Czar Interiors achieved this:   

“Our typical presentations are in-person meetings at the office to review all finishes, fabrics and selections—it’s usually a very tactile and interactive experience. In an attempt to keep that spirit alive, we are mailing sample packets for tile, fabrics, rugs, then putting together interactive digital design presentations with drawings and images of selections.” 

Choose your contractors wisely - You may not be able to regularly perform site visits to check up on progress and catch any issues before they spiral out of control. So, make sure you can trust your workers to recognise and report any potential problems. 

Make sure measurements are accurate - Getting the exact dimensions for a space is a skill, and one the average homeowner may not have. If you’re not visiting a property in person, you’ll need to rely on your clients’ measurements when you design the space. However, there are ways to double-check the figures. Sandra Funk from House of Funk suggests asking for overall measurements and then splitting the room up into smaller dimensions and making sure they add up when combined. 

Optimise your online presence - Now is the perfect time to make sure your website is performing well. Take the opportunity to check it’s mobile optimised, easily navigable and informative. Just taking this step should help boost your sales leads, as well as your reputation.

Set up social media profiles to showcase your work - Interior decorating franchises have an advantage over businesses in other sectors because their work has visual appeal. Tempt customers to buy your services by publishing photos of beautiful spaces you’ve already finished on your social media profiles. 

Launch an interior decorating franchise business today

Now you’ve got some ideas about how to run an interior decorating franchise from home, you might be interested in joining the sector through a recognisable brand. By investing in an established home improvement franchise, you gain security and bags of business support whenever you need it. 

View our full list of home improvement franchises to get started. 

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