Promedica 24 Franchise in the UK: What’s Involved?

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Specialist 24/7 care at home services from Promedica24 enables you or your loved one to live at home for as [...]

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Promedica 24 provide the elderly with carers who can stay with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that they can live at home for as long as possible.

So, if you’re looking for an investment opportunity that requires a more significant investment of time than money, then this could be the home care franchise for you.

About Promedica 24

In 2002, Promedica 24 was established in Poland and is now the largest provider of live-in home care services in Europe today. Over 35,000 care workers look after 27,000 clients to give them a good quality of life in their own home. To expand, Promedica 24 became franchised just six years ago and since then has welcomed 138 franchisees in both the UK and Germany and are still growing.

So that franchisees can focus their time and effort on developing and growing their business, Promedica 24 take away much of the hassle that’s usually associated with running a care business. The most time-consuming element, hiring and training care workers, is handled by Promedica 24 ensuring that all staff are fully vetted, trained and available when needed. Franchisees also have access to a system that makes invoicing and other administrative duties easier to remove much of the stress that can come with being your own boss.

A dedicated Support Manager is also assigned to each franchisee to provide advice and guidance on all parts of running a successful care business. Assistance is also given to produce quality local advertising that complements the national marketing campaigns implemented by the franchise.

The demand for live-in care home services

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirms what is becoming increasingly apparent; that the UK has an ageing population. So much so, that in 50 years, there’s estimated to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over. That’s a population equivalent to the size of London.

So, what factors are contributing to the UK ageing population? Well, firstly people are living longer thanks to medical advancements. Secondly, fertility rates are improving meaning the population is growing.

There are many impacts on the economy and social care requirements as the population increases in age. One of the main affected areas is senior care, with more home-helpers needed than ever before.

At least one in five people aged between 75 and 84 years old have some problems washing or dressing. This figure rises to 34% of men and 42% of women at ages 85 years and over.

All these factors have increased demand for live-in care services, which play a vital role in enabling older adults to continue living in their own homes safely. However, with limited public spending available to fund home-helpers, many seniors are relying on their family to provide the support they need. This job tends to fall to daughters who may still have parental responsibilities and who are still working. This puts increased pressure on families and can impact the health of the carer; which in turn adds to the healthcare demand.

What’s required?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Promedica 24 franchisee, rest assured that you’ll be supported to offer the best live-in care solutions while promoting your clients’ independence and right to choose.

You don’t necessarily need any previous experience as a business owner or of working in the care industry, but you do need to have a passion for helping to change the lives of others. So that you can run your business successfully, you’ll receive extensive training and on-going support throughout your franchising journey.

Case study

Tibor Dusnoki from Surrey had the same concerns about starting his own business as many other aspiring entrepreneurs. Firstly, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to afford to invest in a franchise in the healthcare sector. Secondly, he thought he wouldn’t be an attractive proposition to franchisors, as he had no previous experience in the industry.

But Tibor’s worries were soon done away with when he discovered the Promedica 24 franchise. The affordable franchise fee meant that he was able to become his own boss and the support he has received since becoming a franchisee has resulted in him growing his business at a rapid pace.

Tibor has not only enjoyed building a successful business but is also proud that he helps provide his clients’ with the best care possible.

Financial information

To become a Promedica 24 franchisee, you’ll need to invest £20,000 plus VAT. You’ll also require an additional £5,000 to £10,000 of working capital to help fund your business as it grows.

In return for your investment, you’ll be granted an exclusive territory, a five-year franchise agreement with the option to renew if you meet the obligations of the agreement, and a comprehensive initial training package. Once you’re up and running, you’ll continue to receive all the support you need to make your new venture a success.

The good news is that when you start out, you don’t need to worry about leasing business premises. You can run your franchise from the comfort of your own home until you’re ready to employ a team. This will enable you to make a profit sooner than if you had more overheads. In fact, most Promedica 24 franchisees break even within the first four months and start to make a profit shortly after.

For a relatively small investment, you could be earning a six-figure income in your first year while making a massive difference to the lives of your clients.

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