Advantages of Running a Pest Control Franchise

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Pest control franchise article

Pest control franchises might not be the first sector that comes to mind when you think about entering the franchise world. But you might have second thoughts after reading our top advantages of choosing one.

The pest control industry thrives because it provides an essential service rather than a discretionary one. Pest control franchises serve residential and commercial properties, and businesses that discover a pest issue are particularly keen to eliminate it as soon as possible in order to avoid damaging their reputation. They are also vital in the food and drink sector, as an animal or insect infestation could spell the end of a business.

Now we’ve covered the basics of why pest control businesses are needed in the first place, let’s delve deeper into the top advantages of starting one.

7 advantages of starting a pest control franchise

Alongside the general advantages of franchising and the benefits of working in the pest control sector that have already been mentioned, there are seven primary benefits that pest control franchises can offer:

  1. Consistent demand

    Rats, bed bugs and cockroaches have no regard for the state of the economy. This is good news for pest control businesses, allowing them to enjoy the steady growth that a recession-proof business can offer. In short, there will always be people that need to get rid of unwelcome visitors, either in their business premises or in their homes.

  2. Low minimum investment

    In comparison to franchises that require a fixed business premises, pest control franchises can be relatively inexpensive to launch. A van and equipment will be the key expenses in the early stages, enabling business owners to get the company running in profitability within a short timescale.

  3. Most local authorities use independent companies

    Independent pest control businesses have also benefited from recent changes to the sector. As little as ten years ago, many local authorities had in-house pest control units that delivered free or partially funded services. However, government budget cuts reduced this funding, which has led many councils to cut down their services or stop them altogether. In fact, according to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) only 20 percent of councils offer any sort of pest control service, a figure that represents a reduction of eight percent in the last year, and of 14 percent since 2012. What’s more, of the councils that do provide a service, only seven percent still offer free services – a drop of 38 percent since 2012. As a result, most local authorities now use independent companies to resolve any public health issues, further boosting the revenue potential of independent pest control businesses.

  4. Minimal marketing costs

    Unlike other types of businesses, you won’t need to have a big marketing budget to promote your services - your professionally branded van will do the work for you. If you’re visiting a customer in an area that is prone to pest problems, you’ll acquire new customers when they see your van in the street and tell their neighbours about your services. Being able to successfully penetrate the market without spending huge amounts on promotional activity is a major advantage.

  5. Many of your jobs will be simple

    While the type of jobs will of course vary from customer to customer, lots of the time your jobs will involve simple matters that involve clearing minor infestations or follow-up appointments to make sure the pests haven’t returned.

  6. Make the most of repeat business

    While of course you’d hope that your customers wouldn’t need to rely on your pest control services too frequently, repeat business is common if your customers feel like you’ve genuinely helped them out by doing a fantastic job and being professional.

  7. There are lots of different types of pests

    When starting out it’s best to choose your market before choosing your services and create your business model based on your pest control types. These might fall into one of the following:
  • Wildlife. This includes pigeons, sparrows, skunks and groundhogs.
  • Invasive pests. This includes cockroaches, bedbugs, and carpenter/invasive ants that are not considered a nuisance.
  • Occasional pests. These are year round pests like ants, beetles, sow bugs, centipedes, wasps and silverfish.
  • Seasonal pests. Such as ladybugs, boxelder beetles, spiders

Pest control industry

The pest control industry in the UK is valued at around £572 million, employs over 8,100 people and consists of approximately 855 businesses (IBIS World).

The global pest control industry is growing all the time, comprising 40,000 different companies worldwide that generate sales of around $18 (£13) billion every year. While 50 percent of the industry is based in North America, the global market is expected to rise by five percent over the next five years as a result of factors such as population growth, urban development and climate change.

Start a pest control franchise today.

With the pest control market growing, the number of businesses in this sector is increasing. Of course, some are better than others, so prospective franchisees need to carry out thorough research to make sure that a company is a good fit with your personality, budget, and ambitions.

Pestforce is one pest control franchise on the Point Franchise books. For more than 30 years, it has been a globally competitive brand with 70 franchisees and over 100 vans on the road. Franchisees will receive an intensive training programme intended to educate recruits in both pest control and business management. When you’re up and running, support is available in sales and marketing.

You can work part-time at the beginning of your franchise journey, before deciding to commit to full-time hours when you’re well-established. And, you don’t need to have any previous experience in pest control or business ownership – just lots of enthusiasm, a love of the outdoors and the ability to deal with insects and animals – dead or alive!

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