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Oakhouse Foods is one of the leading providers of quality frozen meals that are delivered straight to the customerís door.

Oakhouse Foods

For over 25 years now, Oakhouse Foods has been delivering delicious frozen meals and desserts to hungry customersí homes across the UK. Headquartered in Wiltshire, the brand creates easy-to-prepare meals that are tasty and nutritional whilst still being affordable. The majority of Oakhouse Foodsí customers are the elderly, and with over-65s making up almost of fifth of the UK population, there is a high demand for its products.

An increasing number of people are favouring the ease and convenience of ordering food directly to their homes, so Oakhouse foods is in a good position to further its UK expansion. Customers trust Oakhouse Foods to provide an extensive range of quality food and service with a smile.

The brand is now owned by global Kerry Group, and so it can benefit from the global taste and nutrition expertís investment, expertise and support.

History of Oakhouse Foods

It all started in 1994 with a mission to deliver tasty meals that were quick and easy, yet didnít compromise on taste and quality. At this point it was branded as Home Farm Foods. The business has come a long way since its humble beginnings and last year Oakhouse Foods celebrated its 25-year anniversary.

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Oakhouse Foods Menu

Since the 1990s, customers have been enjoying Oakhouse Foodís delicious ready meals. Customers can choose from over 400 tempting recipes without having the hard work or hassle of cooking them from scratch. There are meals on offer from a large range of cuisines, including British, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican. There are fish dishes, pies, roasts, breakfasts, vegetarian options and side dishes.

Every meal comprises the most premium ingredients and is frozen quickly to retain the quality, flavour and overall goodness. Therefore, they can be heated easily in the microwave or oven.

With so many years of experience in the industry, Oakhouse has developed recipes that are adored across the nation, that also adapt to meet customersí needs. For instance, the brand has introduced gluten-free, low fat, low sugar and Ďfree fromí meals.

To make things even easier for customers who struggle to do their own shopping, Oakhouse even provides a grocery range that includes all the essentials, including, cereals, drinks, household products, toiletries and items for pets. Itís the only home meal service to diversify its offering in this way.

The friendly Oakhouse Foods drivers usually deliver customersí food on the same day each week Ė whatever is easiest Ė and they can even put the dishes in the freezer if needed. This is what makes Oakhouseís delivery system unique from the competition.

Oakhouse Foods Franchise for Sale

Oakhouse is looking to expand its franchise network in the UK and encourages like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs to get involved with the lucrative opportunity. Interested applicants should be passionate about food and eager to build lasting relationships with their customers.

The Franchise Package

So, youíve chosen to invest in this food franchise, but what can you expect? Well, when you become an Oakhouse Foods franchisee, you will get a five-year renewable licence to operate under the brand in the particular franchise territory. You will also have access to a comprehensive start-up training package and a full operational manual, so youíll feel confident in all aspects of the business. Oakhouse provides business operating and management systems, ongoing support and assistance, national advertising and marketing and a full e-commerce website.

What support will franchisees receive?

The initial training programme that Oakhouse Foods provides will cover the background to the franchise and its structure, market knowledge, company procedures, health and safety responsibilities, identifying potential customers and territory planning.

The ongoing support includes regular meetings with the Franchise Support Manager, annual conferences with all UK franchisees, quarterly reviews with the Head Office, email and web-based information, a Head Office helpline and sales and marketing advice.

The Ideal Oakhouse Foods Franchisee

Oakhouse looks for franchisees who are business-minded, have commercial literacy and good people management skills. Of course, on top of this, franchisees will need have the required capital needed for the investment.

The most successful Oakhouse Foods franchisees genuinely care about their customers, are committed to providing exceptional customer service and are incredibly hardworking. They are also good team players, show ambition and are eager to share ideas with other franchisees and the franchisor.

Ultimately, franchisees come from all walks of life and donít always have a background in the industry. As long as you share the core values and are keen to further its UK coverage, Oakhouse encourages you to apply.

What does Oakhouse Foods expect from its franchisees?

Oakhouse Foods asks that its franchisees provide exceptional customer service to all of its customers to maintain the brandís respected image nationwide. You should also make sure to fully implement the operational systems, be completely dedicated to the business and its growth, and take an active role in marketing.

What is the investment?

To invest in this franchise, you will need to have the franchise fee of £29,750. The franchise set-up costs are £50,000 and the necessary working capital is £17,000. The total investment is £96,750 and 60 percent of this needs to be in liquid capital.

So, if you like what you see and want to be part of this exciting and rewarding franchise opportunity, head to its website today where you can fill out a contact form.

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