Q&A: Does Oakhouse Foods Franchise in the UK?

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Grocery delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among busy consumers who appreciate convenient, nutritious meals. Here, we find out about Oakhouse Foods franchise opportunities and whether you can get involved with the brand.

Oakhouse Foods has been delivering frozen meals and desserts to customers across the UK for over 25 years. The business focuses on four main factors when creating its dishes; they must be tasty, nutritious, affordable and easy to prepare. This focus on quality and convenience makes Oakhouse Foods a leading delivery service.

If you want to join a growing sector, look no further. Most of Oakhouse Foods’ customers are elderly and enjoy the brand’s quick and easy dishes. The over-65 demographic makes up almost a fifth of the UK’s population - a proportion set to grow as time goes on. So, Oakhouse Foods has great potential for investors looking to set up their own branch of the frozen meals business.

The company has its headquarters in Wiltshire but is owned by international brand Kerry Group, which provides the business with expertise and support.

Does Oakhouse Foods franchise?

Yes - Oakhouse Foods is looking to expand its franchise network in the UK and encourages ambitious entrepreneurs to get in touch. Interested applicants should be passionate about food and eager to build lasting relationships with their customers.

History of Oakhouse Foods

The brand started with its founder’s mission to deliver quick, easy and tasty meals that didn’t compromise on quality. When the business first launched in 1994, it was named Home Farm Foods, and over 25 years later, people are still enjoying the brand’s delicious ready meals.

Today, customers can choose from over Oakhouse Foods’ range of 400 tempting recipes without having the hassle of cooking them from scratch. There are meals from a large range of cuisines, including British, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican. There are also fish dishes, pies, roasts, breakfasts and side dishes. What’s more, the Oakhouse Foods franchise is inclusive in its meal selection, incorporating vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, low-sugar and other ‘free from’ dishes into its menu. Everyone should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Did you know? Oakhouse Foods offers a selection of over 400 dishes.

To make things even easier, Oakhouse Foods also provides a grocery range with all the essentials. So, customers who struggle to do their own shopping can have access to all the essentials, from cereals and drinks to household products, toiletries and pet products. It’s the only home meal service to diversify its offering in this way.

The convenience doesn’t stop with the dishes on offer; the friendly Oakhouse Foods drivers usually deliver customers’ food on the same day each week, according to the buyer’s requirements. And they can even put the dishes in the freezer if needed. This is what sets Oakhouse’s delivery system apart from the competition.

With so many years of experience in the industry, Oakhouse has been able to develop a huge range of popular recipes to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Every meal is made from premium ingredients and frozen quickly to retain its quality, flavour and overall goodness. Then, Oakhouse Foods dishes can be reheated easily in the microwave or oven.

Starting an Oakhouse Foods franchise unit

What can you expect when you become an Oakhouse Foods franchise partner? Here are all the details you need to know when you join this food business:

Becoming an Oakhouse Foods franchisee:

This frozen foods franchise is on the lookout for investors who are business-minded and have good people management skills. The most successful Oakhouse Foods franchisees genuinely care about their customers, are committed to providing exceptional customer service and are incredibly hardworking. They’re also team players and eager to share ideas to improve the franchise.

Oakhouse Foods franchisees come from all walks of life and don’t all have a background in the industry. As long as you share the food business’s core values and are keen to further its UK coverage, you should consider applying to join its franchisee network.

How much you need to invest:

Oakhouse Foods franchise opportunities start at around £30,000. To invest in this business, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a franchise fee of £29,750, as well as set-up costs of roughly £50,000. Franchisees should also have working capital of about £17,000. All in all, you’ll need just under £100,000, and 60 percent of this sum should be in liquid capital.

If you can’t afford the full cost of setting up an Oakhouse Foods franchise unit, you can approach Lloyds Bank for a loan. The high street lender will consider funding up to 70 percent of your investment through a loan, overdraft facility or a combination of the two.

What you get for your investment:

All franchisees are given a five-year, renewable licence to operate under the Oakhouse Foods franchise brand. You’ll also get the chance to take part in a comprehensive training scheme, which covers the business’s operations, health and safety responsibilities, market insight and finding new leads.

As part of the welcome pack, you’ll also get an operations manual, an e-commerce website and ongoing support. You’ll be able to organise regular meetings with your Franchise Support Manager, as well as quarterly reviews with the head office. You’ll even be able to attend annual conferences to catch up with the other franchisees. Plus, you’ll benefit from the franchise’s national advertising campaigns.

Join Oakhouse Foods as a franchisee

If you’d like to be an Oakhouse Foods franchisee, visit its website to fill out an application form.

Alternatively, there are lots of other food delivery businesses out there just waiting for your call. Browse our food and beverage franchise opportunities to see your options.

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