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The menís clothing industry is surging. The rise of the style-conscious male has grown menswear into an industry that is competing with sales in womenswear. With menswear sales being estimated to grow even more in the coming years, there has never been a better time to invest in a menís clothing franchise.

Even brands that have exclusively sold womenswear in the past are making moves to branch into the menswear market. Female-focused retailers, Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant, have recently launched menswear ranges and mega-brands like H&M are investing more than ever in menís clothing.

When it comes to fashion, menís shopping habits are very different to those of women. More than half of men spent £50 or more the last time that they shopped for clothes, compared to only 39 percent of women. Itís also been proven that men are more picky than women when it comes to fashion. Theyíre much less likely to tolerate a shirt not fitting quite right or a pair of socks that wonít last. Because of this, men are much more likely to invest in higher quality products: according to research, 70 percent of men are willing to spend more in return for clothing that stands the test of time.

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Menís Clothing Brands

The menís clothing industry is led by a number of major high-street brands. Retailers like Zara and River Island, which offer designer-style clothing at affordable prices, are often the first-choice destination for men looking to refresh their look in the UK. Their ranges of smart and casual designs cater for all occasions, whether it be a night-out or important business trip.

Menís Clothing Online

In the online menswear market, ASOS has cemented itself as a market leader. The online brand is shipping out new clothes to over 19.2 million active customers. In the three months up to and including February 2019, ASOS recorded over 240 million sales - thatís a 14 percent increase on the previous year. The ASOS menswear collection boasts a number of brands, including major names like Adidas, Pull & Bear and Vans. It also stocks a variety of ASOS own brands, such as ASOS Design, ASOS White, ASOS 4505 and ASOS edition.

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Menís Clothing Franchises

If you want to invest in a menís fashion-wear franchise - whether itís a major international brand or smaller retail chain - the high street is bursting with different brands looking to expand across the country.

Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has been spreading American denim culture across the globe since 1985. The premium label is now one of the most successful in the menís fashion game, with stores located across the US, Europe, Asia and South America. Building on the trendy 90s nostalgia movement, Tommy Hilfiger has refreshed its collections with a vintage American look that includes bucket hats and old-school polo tops.

The brand is also looking to expand its franchise network. If youíre somebody with experience in the fashion industry and know your local market, you fit the script for the ideal Tommy Hilfiger franchisee. Franchise packages are offered throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the company offers fully-developed store concepts. It will also offer supervision in store project management, buying support, visual merchandising and performance management.

If youíre interested in becoming a Tommy Hilfiger franchisee, you can register your interest via their website.

Suit the City

Suit the city is a made-to-measure suit brand that was recognised as one of Elite Franchiseís top 100 franchises in 2019. The company offers an exclusive, personal service with expert advice from its consultant tailors based up and down the UK. Stocking over 3400 fabrics, Suit the City prides itself on offering a customisable service that can suit the style of any customer.

The company is looking for franchisees based in the UKís key cities that can commit to a long-term investment strategy and grow a high-performing team. As a Suit the City franchisee, you will benefit from lower rents; thereís no need to invest in high street premises. All that is required is a small studio to meet clients.

The key ingredient to Suit the Cityís success in the tailoring industry has always been networking. As a new franchisee, you will be expected to have proven networking skills and a desire to grow your brand by making key corporate contacts. If youíre interested in becoming Suit the Cityís latest franchisee, you can request an information package via the companyís website.

Alternative Fashion Franchise Opportunities

If youíre not interested in any of the above, there are alternative fashion franchise opportunities here on Point Franchise.

Zip Yard

Zip Yard is a British brand that specialises in clothing operations. Regardless of your fashion dilemma - whether it be a damaged suit lining or a skirt that needs shortening - Zip Yardís team of expert tailors are there to help.

Zip Yard are looking for new franchise partners here on Point Franchise. In return for a minimum investment of £38,500, Zip Yard offers a full programme of training and support. You will be supervised in how to merchandise your centre, trained in business operations and assisted in devising a marketing launch programme. Zip Yardís experienced shop fitting team will also help you to design your business premises.

Zip Yard was founded back in 2005. Since then, Zip Yard has climbed its way up the ladder of the tailoring industry to become the UKís fastest growing alteration company. It strives to deliver an efficient tailoring service that satisfies all customers within a 48-hour turnaround period. If this is a business model that you believe you can lead, you can request more information on our Zip Yard franchise page.

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