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Master franchises can be a fantastic way for ambitious business leaders to break into new markets. Though the role of master franchisee holds a lot of responsibility, those that take advantage of the opportunity to expand a given business can reap great rewards.

It is important to carefully consider your options and make the right decision when selecting your franchise. Lets look at two of our top master franchise opportunities and how foreign innovation can impact master franchising in the UK.

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An introduction to master franchises

A master franchise is one of several systems that franchises can enter into. This system is based on the idea of selling the franchise rights for a large geographical area, usually an entire county or region, to one master franchisee. This master franchisee is then responsible for expanding the franchise in their region, launching new franchise units and bringing more fresh talent into the business.

Like any system, it has advantages and disadvantages. For the master franchisor of the company, it enables expansion into new markets without the need to develop extensive knowledge of the territory. In turn, the master franchisee is able to take home a large percentage of the franchise fees paid in their region. However, the master franchisor-franchisee relationship is a complex one and the system requires everyone involved in the business to be ambitious, dedicated and prepared to put in a lot of hard work.

New master franchises

In recent months, a variety of master franchise opportunities emerged and saw success in markets outside of the UK. Such success is a key indicator of whether a franchise is likely to prosper in the highly competitive UK market. Consequently, those looking to invest in new master franchise opportunities should seek information about a brands financial performance on foreign soil.

Its also important to recognise that not all franchises suit the specific cultural and economic characteristics of UK markets and consumers. This means potential investors need to be sure that their chosen franchise will meet the needs of UK customers before they purchase the master franchisee rights. To demonstrate this, weve chosen to look at two of the most exciting master franchise opportunities in the UK this year.

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner was founded in France and has expanded quickly to encompass 30 stores spread across the country. Beginning life in 2010, it aimed to make the most of a sudden explosion of interest in alternative fast food providers.

By offering a service that emphasises its high-quality produce, ease of use and quick turnaround, it has developed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. Within a few years, the business became the leading bagel chain in France, and now considers itself ready to expand beyond the countrys borders.

With the aim of establishing 100 stores worldwide by 2020, the bakery franchise has started searching for potential master franchisees in several countries, including the UK. Its focus on quick service makes it ideally suited to the UK market, where more and more people are taking their lunch on the go or squeezing it into a busy work schedule. With a strong brand, an attractive and appetising menu, and a variety of store types and sizes for franchisees to work with, Bagel Corner is one of the most exciting master franchise opportunities in the UK.

Card Group

Founded in 1997, Card Group works under the motto, We are different, supplying quality cards, decorations and party accessories.

Card Group boasts 21 years of franchising experience, and with master franchisees already operating in 45 countries around the world, their business model is tried and tested to ensure success. Those who choose to work with Card Group stand themselves in good stead. Trading with stores has a low risk, as shops only pay for what they sell, eliminating any chance of financial loss on their part.

Master franchisees should be passionate about building on the Card Group brand and have good communication skills, as well as experience in business and sales. Joining Swedens largest exported franchise, those interested in becoming a franchisee will be enrolled on a training scheme and attend annual conferences in Sweden. Ongoing and customised training and guidance will be available in the country of the franchisees branches, so no franchisee is ever left without support.

Foreign innovation in Master Franchises

Over the last few years, foreign innovation has had a major influence on UK franchises. Utilising the master franchise model, businesses have rolled out stores across the country and, in the process, introduced numerous new ideas, practices and technologies to the UK market.

In turn, this progress has stimulated the development of entirely new businesses, many of which take a single idea or piece of technology and hone it to perfection.

A fantastic example of this innovation can be seen in the way Bagel Corner has structured its order and collection process. Recognising that customers are more pushed for time than ever before, often dashing out for food in their lunch break, Bagel corner established an online service that allows food to be ordered remotely. This limits customer waiting time, increases turnover in the restaurant and ensures clients remain loyal by providing them with an easy and accessible means of placing orders. Such technology has become central to the Bagel Corner ethos, while their quick and easy service has helped them stand out from the competition.

Innovation is essential in all types of business and in all business models. However, franchises are particularly suited to exploiting innovative practices and technologies because they are designed to facilitate rapid expansion throughout a market. Thats why it comes as no surprise that some of the most exciting master franchise opportunities in 2019 are those that are innovating and introducing fresh thinking into their respective industries.

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