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In today’s globalised economy, there’s no skill more valuable than being able to speak another language. Though, there are many obvious benefits to being able to speak French or Spanish, language learning at a young age is also shown to boost a child’s learning abilities in other subjects. Here, we take a look at how one modern language school is revolutionising learning for young students.

Language school UK

As the vast distances between nations shrink, the world gets smaller, and it becomes easier and easier to travel around the globe, the importance of language learning is growing. In the past, it was possible to go through the vast majority of your life without ever stepping foot outside of the UK and encountering a different language. Today, it's often cheaper to holiday in southern Spain than it is to take the family to a British seaside resort.

Being able to speak another language opens up a remarkable array of personal and professional opportunities and allows individuals to move freely, work wherever they want, and integrate themselves into new cultures. In children, learning a language is proven to improve problem-solving skills and creativity, boost brainpower, and lays the foundations for a brighter future. Interestingly, bilingual students routinely score higher exam results than their monolingual classmates.

Spanish language school

Spanish is the world's second most spoken native language, with approximately 408 million speakers around the globe. A further 75 million have learnt Spanish as a second language, making it an extremely popular choice among those who want to develop their linguistic skills. It is the official language of large portions of South and Central America and is also widely spoken throughout the US.

As it shares a common ancestry with English, it is relatively easy to pick up. This makes it a common choice of language for young students, whose parents want them to learn a language but don’t want them to be put off by it being too complicated. Spanish language schools are popular all over the country but have a particularly significant presence in southern towns and cities, such as Brighton and Bournemouth.

French language school

Much like Spanish, French is an international language that is spoken widely outside of its home nation. This is particularly useful, as it allows the learner to utilise the language in a greater number of circumstances. It is a popular choice of second language throughout Europe, is an official language throughout Francophone Africa, and found in Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Approximately 77 million people speak the language natively, with a further 274 million have developed it as a second language. The UK’s geographical proximity to France has ensured that a significant number of young learners have adopted it as their second language.

Bambini Lingo

Bambini Lingo is a language learning franchise that attempts to introduce children to the wonders of foreign languages at a young age. Currently, they offer tuition in nine languages, though each franchise unit can choose how many of those languages they want to provide. At Bambini Lingo, the emphasis is on providing a fun and enjoyable environment that’s conducive to language learning.

Music is used extensively to appeal to young learners and enhance learning, while all of the franchise’s techniques are grounded in a scientific approach to learning. Classes are primarily aimed at pre-school children and are limited to 15 children at most, ensuring that each child gets the attention they deserve.

Franchise history

Emma Boardman established Bambini Lingo in 2012. It was born out of a desire to ensure that her son was able to speak another language, as she had never had the opportunity to learn one herself. Though she visited many local language groups, she found that none were able to offer her son an interactive and engaging learning experience. Rather than making do, she set out to create her own.

Fortunately, Emma had a great deal of experience working in the performing arts and, collaborating with an expert in children’s linguistics and learning, she began developing her own musical classes and building an impressive repertoire of songs and interactive courses that soon began capturing the attention of little learners around the country. The music Emma created was so successful that Amazon released it as an Amazon Music Original, bringing the songs to an entirely new audience and raising Bambini Lingo’s profile in the process.

Language school jobs

In most language schools, there exist teaching, administration, and management roles. With Bambini Lingo, this is no different. It’s not necessary to have a second language to become a franchisee, though if you do, it will be possible to teach students yourself. A native speaker delivers all classes, so you’ll have to employ a teacher if you don’t speak the language yourself.

However, this is by no means a problem and many existing Bambini Lingo franchisees act in a purely managerial role. As long as you feel as though you’re able to find and hire the right individual for the job, there’s no reason you can’t assume administrative and management roles and let others do the teaching.

What level of investment is required?

To become a franchisee with Bambini Lingo, you'll need to invest approximately £6,000. This provides you with access to the entire franchise package and support from Emma and the rest of the franchising team.

The franchising package includes more than £2,500 of equipment, such as tablet and class software, enrolment on a three-day training course, and ongoing support and guidance. An annual conference in Mallorca is the highlight of the year for many of Bambini Lingo’s franchisees, and there are plenty of opportunities to network with other language lovers. Franchisees will also receive business management training, ensuring that you’re capable of running both the marketing and financial aspects of the business. On top of this, the franchise is keen to ensure that franchisees retain a healthy work-life balance. To do this, they offer monthly chats with the franchise’s in-house life coach, Brenda.

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