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Kitchen store franchise

The kitchen industry contains many exciting franchise opportunities. Here, we take a look at how the kitchen industry is faring, what types of business are popular, and which existing franchises are having a good year. If you're looking to open a kitchen store, this is the guide for you.

State of the industry

The UK kitchen market can be separated into several different sub-markets, each of which covers a different aspect of kitchen design and renovation. For instance, the kitchen furniture manufacturing sector generates around £2 billion in revenue each year and employs over 15,000. It consists of all those companies making bespoke or fitted furniture for kitchens.

The luxury kitchen market encompasses products and consultancy services for high-quality, fitted kitchen equipment and design services. It is generally used to refer to products worth at least £12,000 and is a lot smaller than the manufacturing sector, though it still generates substantial revenue.

Then there's also the kitchenware and gadgets industry. This sector is composed of all the businesses that manufacture or sell equipment for your kitchen. This market is worth approximately £1 billion, with this figure expected to grow in the coming years.

As you can see, there are many facets to the kitchen industry, and it's important to note that franchising has a presence in most of them. While it's possible to talk of the "kitchen industry" as a whole, it's necessary to recognise the fact that the industry is actually composed of diverse businesses that aren't necessarily competing for the same market share and have various interests.

Kitchen supply store

As we've already mentioned, franchises are operating in every part of the kitchen market. However, franchises have an unusually large presence in both the kitchen furniture retailing sector and the kitchen supplies sector. While businesses operating in the first of these two markets will often require large showrooms and boast a diverse array of services and products, companies in the kitchen supplies sector are typically smaller, more traditional retailers. This means that they focus on selling the latest kitchenware and gadgets and dont need to offer consultation or advisory services.

Trends in the kitchen industry

One of the defining features of the kitchen industry is its manipulation of trends to ensure constant turnover and the introduction of fresh styles and new looks. In recent years, the kitchen has also become an increasingly important room. Historically, the kitchen was a functional space that was usually hidden from sight. Today, the kitchen is a social space in which people spend a considerable amount of time. This means that the aesthetics of the room have become much more critical.

Trends are a side-effect of this more significant focus on aesthetics. Currently, light and airy colour palettes are the on-trend kitchen look. However, in 2018, customers can expect to see a change in fashionable kitchen colours and the emergence of a darker palette, consisting of black, navy, emerald greens and rich plum tones. Likewise, changes in the preferred countertop material allow kitchen manufacturers to switch up their stock for the new season. Whereas granite was a popular choice in the past, quartz is the countertop of choice right now.


Magicman is a dominant force in the UK kitchen market, even though it also provides bathroom and general home repair services. The franchise was established in 1993 and specialises in hard surface repairs. It renovates different types of surfaces and can repair numerous materials. This makes it ideally suited to kitchen-based work.

Franchisees will need to raise approximately £25,000 and can borrow up to 60% of this amount from a mainstream lender. All franchisees need to be energetic, passionate, and able communicators. Franchisees are enrolled on a comprehensive training programme and receive all the assistance necessary to launch their new business.

Dream Doors

Dream Doors began life in 1999 and adopted the franchise model in 2002. It has since expanded to encompass 75 franchise units and receives around 78 franchisee applications a month. The franchise is the UKs largest kitchen renovations retailer and specialises in kitchen doors, worktops, sinks, and appliances. In recent years, its consistently been in contention for the British Franchise Associations (bfa) Franchisor of the Year award. Between 2006 and 2014, the franchise also managed to win seven Best Online Marketing Campaign awards.

To become a franchisee, you'll need to raise around £55,000. Approximately 50% to 70% of this amount can be borrowed from a mainstream lender, and the rest must come from the franchisee's personal assets. The ideal Dream Doors franchisee will be passionate about the industry and demonstrate excellent communication skills. Every franchisee receives high-quality training and can utilise the excellent franchise support system.

Trend Transformations

Initially founded in 1996, Trend Transformation has a long history in the kitchen design industry and are well respected for their expertise and experience. They specialise in selling countertop surface tiles that fit over your existing kitchen units with a minimum of fuss. Manufactured from a wide range of high-quality materials, customers have an incredible amount of choice. Trend Transformations gives customers the power to tailor their kitchen design to meet their needs.

To become a franchisee, you'll need to raise an investment of somewhere between £25,000 and £42,000. However, there's also the option to transform your existing home makeover store into a Trend Transformation franchise. The business is looking for franchisees who are driven and determined, with a firm grasp of business essentials.

In return for your investment, franchisees receive a turnkey business model and all the training required to implement it. Ongoing support and guidance are provided by the central franchising team, and all franchisees will receive financial, marketing, and business management guidance throughout the setup period.


The kitchen industry is a diverse and varied market. The three franchises covered here all offer something a little different. Whether youre looking for a kitchen design specialist, surface repair business, or a countertop retailer, theyre the franchises to start your search with.

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