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Itsu is an international restaurant and takeaway brand that serves fresh, Asian-inspired food. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, Itsu offers a diverse range of menu options for those looking for a healthy meal or snack, including sushi, Asian salads and wraps, hot rice and noodle dishes and healthy snacks and drinks.

British customers are likely to come across foods they havent tried before, such as crispy seaweed thins, chocolate-coated edamame beans and melon and yuzu zen water. Many dishes are made by hand but approximate nutritional figures for all Itsu products can be found on its website. Health-conscious consumers can select their favourite dish from the restaurants butterfly light menu, which assembles the healthiest options in one place. 50 of Itsus dishes have less than 500 calories.

Itsu aims to serve its customers in under 60 seconds, ensuring a quick and easy dining experience. The brand also considers the environment, launching a half-price sale every evening to encourage customers to buy food that would otherwise end up in landfill. Since the first Itsu store was opened by the Pret Manger founder, Julian Metcalfe, in 1997, the brand has worked to provide a contemporary, hassle-free way to pick up healthy, Asian food.

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Itsu Sushi Franchise

Unfortunately, the Itsu brand is not currently advertising franchising opportunities and is concentrating on increasing its number of company-owned outlets. However, there have been suggestions that the restaurant business might consider franchising in the future, so interested investors should check back in the future.

Itsu Franchise UK

Although Itsu isnt looking for prospective franchisees at the moment, the brand is certainly seeing success expanding throughout the UK. Opening its doors to the public in 1997, Itsu quickly acquired the title of Time Out Restaurant of the Year and worked towards opening more outlets over the years. Five years later, Itsus first takeaway shop was launched in Vogue House, the headquarters of Conde Nasts publishing empire. In the summer of 2018, Itsu introduced itself to the people of New York with a new restaurant close to Times Square. Today, the restaurant chain comprises more than 70 stores, as well as a thriving grocery business, and serves millions of customers every year.

Similar Franchises at Point Franchise

While Itsu doesnt currently franchise, there are plenty of similar opportunities in the Asian food sector. From restaurants offering a broad range of Asian dishes to those that specialise in udon noodles or bubble tea, Point Franchises directory has something to suit every taste when it comes to franchising.


As its name suggests, this restaurant franchise concentrates on Asian food and quick service. Customers can choose from rice and noodle dishes, salads, soups and even Asian ice creams, merging food traditions from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan. Wok&Go also strives to ensure that its dishes are healthy and nutritious, only cooking individual dishes once they have been ordered.

The restaurant is also inspired by the US and has built its brand around the noodle bars of New York City, with high chairs and the ability to take food away in a box. Wok&Go also has international expansion plans and is in the process of developing stores in Kuwait and Dubai, in addition to the 18 currently in operation in the UK.

Prospective franchisees will need to make an investment of £200,000 and pay franchise fees of £15,000 if they are to launch their own Wok&Go branch, but support is available in areas such as recruitment and staff training. New franchisees will also be allocated an area manager who will visit the franchise once a month to ensure its success.

Marugame Udon

Udon are thick, wheat flour noodles and Marugame Udon serves them up with expertise and efficiency. Alongside noodle dishes, customers will find rice dishes, tempura, bento boxes, ice cream and a range of hot and cold drinks. Food is prepared from open kitchens within the seating area, so customers can see their dish being prepared, and be reassured by its ingredients. This is another fast but healthy food chain, which aims to serve customers within just 30 seconds of taking their order. At maximum efficiency, a Marugame Udon restaurant has the potential to serve more than 250 customers an hour thats one every 15 seconds.

The brand is looking to franchise in the UK, which could be a lucrative business opportunity for investors that want to start up their own franchise in the food industry. Franchisees can choose to open a food court model (500+ square feet), street-front model (1,500+ square feet) or stand-alone model (2,500 square feet), depending on their budget and ambition. Investment costs range from £225,000 to £500,000. Investors can even become master franchisees, opening five or more units in a given region.

This model has proven immensely popular in Japan, South-East Asia, Australia and California, and there are currently more than 1,000 Marugame Udon restaurants across the world. Franchises in the UK also have the potential to see success if the franchisee makes the most of the businesss operational advice and regular store appraisals.


Bubbleology serves hot and cold fruit and milk bubble teas with chewy tapioca balls to consumers in the UK, the US and the Middle East. Established in 2011, this company has quickly made a name for itself and even donates money to international organisations that build wells in Africa. Its success could, in part, be down to its launch of sister brand, Waffleology, which harnessed the trend for bubble waffles that originated in Hong Kong in the 1950s light, fluffy waffles twisted into a cone and filled with ice cream, fruit, sauces and other indulgent treats. A new unit of the food franchise costs £120,000 and should be managed by an investor with some industry experience.

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